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Gemini Taurus Love Compatibility

In this Article, you are reading, Gemini and Taurus love Compatibility in detail. How they are compatible with each other. Taurus is earth sign. Gemini and Taurus love relationships doesn't begin with good promise. In Taurus and Gemini Love Compatibility they don't have much in common.  Taurus love to fulfill their commitment but Gemini needs space. Taurus likes stability and routine, while Gemini likes variety and change. If We talk about Gemini and Taurus love compatibility as friend or colleagues is easy enough, but as lovers, we can say it's much harder work. 

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Gemini is The calm, steady and practical Taurus is no match for the lively, alert and agile Gemini. The Bull (Taurus) and the Twins (Gemini) are opposites. Their thought process and actions are evident of this fact. The Bull will look a storm in the eye and face it without a second thought, whereas the Gemini would cleverly get out of it by manipulating the circumstances.


How would the relationship be?

This is a challenging relationship. The Taurean female is practical and sensible but her counterpart in this relationship – the Gemini male is fast-moving and free-spirited. In Taurus and Gemini Love Compatibility, Both are cautious before falling in love. But their reactions after being struck by Cupid’s arrow are completely different. The Taurus woman lets herself fall completely and adopts various methods to entice her Gemini man into falling in love with her and make a commitment. The Gemini man on the other hand, is always prepared to flee the scene if need be. The Taurean female is loyal and will wait for days on end for her Gemini lover. He comes back, and she wins most of the time.

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The main loopholes OF Gemini and Taurus Love Compatibility 

The Taurean female falls in love- blindly and refuses to believe that everything is not as nice as it seems despite constant reminders by friends and family. The Gemini man is quickly bored of the same woman- that does not necessarily mean he is unfaithful; he just tests his woman, which is not acceptable to the possessive Taurean female.

She is adamant and refuses to compromise, which can be problematic for the relationship.

What can be done

The Taurus woman needs be a little flexible if she is in love with a Gemini man. Her stubborn nature can only make matters worse. She needs to accept change and make it a part of her life, only then can they sort their differences.


How would the relationship be?

The passionate Bull is loyal and committed- almost beyond belief. He is the dream man of every woman – except a Gemini who likes to fly free and does not dream of a love as encompassing as a Taurus Man’s. She is moody and he is emotionally stable, and so he is always in the process of trying to understand her various moods.

The main loopholes of Gemini Woman

The Gemini woman’s moody nature is a little too much for the sensible Bull who fails to understand how she manages to skip from mood to another. They are extremely opposite to each other- she likes to splurge every now and then whereas he wants to save money. He likes to eat, but she does not cook and so on. The Gemini woman loves socializing. She may be committed to one man but still craves the company of others- something the possessive bull does not approve of.

What can be done

The Taurus man needs to understand that there are two sides to his Gemini lover and both these sides are at play at all times. The Gemini woman has to help him comprehend both her sides. Once he accepts this, they can co-exist peacefully.

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