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Rashi Substones - Substitute Gemstones for Your Rashi


For thousands of years people have believed and used Gemstones to transform fates. These Gemstones are believed to have wonderful powers to change from rags to riches. Each Rashi Ratnas signifies a Zodiac sign and have their unique characteristics. These may look like colorful stone pieces but for centuries they are being used for astrological remedies.


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Zodiac Signs and Original Gemstones

With the birth on this planet a person is surrounded by many challenges in life. Many times people surrender to these problems. In such situations original rashi ratna comes as a boon for many. Astrologers have a very positive approach towards gemstones. They believe that wearing Gemstone as per zodiac sign can help in nullifying malefic effects of planets and increase the positivity in life. The right Gemstone can awaken the luck of the wearer.

Online Certified Gemstones

We all know that planes have impact on our horoscopes. Astrologers believe that planetary movements in our horoscope decide our past, present and future. If we wear wrong or fake gemstones they would attract more wrath of negativity in our lives. The biggest question which arises in mind of people is where to buy certified gemstones?

The scope for buying Certified Gemstones online comes with the assurance of quality and authenticity. Online Certified Gemstones carry details like weight, cut, origin, color etc. These gemstones are prescribed and delivered as per the horoscope studies. Therefore, you get the original gemstones for maximum benefits in minimum time.

What are the advantages of buying Gemstones online?

Use of Gemstone in astronomical remedies is growing day by day. The colorful gemstones are reliable and popular. You should always be aware of fraudulent people who try to scam people by selling fake gemstones. They not only scam you of your money but put you in danger of negative impacts of fake gemstones.

The answer lies in buying Gemstones online. If you buy from an online store the chances of cheating are reduced to nil. The whole process is transparent and thus you start receiving positive results in some day of wearing the gemstone.

You must confirm the weight of the gemstone prescribed to you first. Then you can easily choose from online portal matching with your requirements. Also, check if the portal is providing you the lab certification for the gemstone. If you feel uneasy after wearing the gemstone or start getting negative results then you must seek the advice of an astrologer immediately.

We have compiled a detailed data of Gemstones with their properties and benefits below. Our expert Astrologers has supervised the creation of the data precisely. You may cross check the details and authenticity for your satisfaction. It is necessary that you must know all the details of the gemstone before ordering and wearing. You may take help from our expert Astrologers by calling on our number or sending us an email.

Online certified Gemstones at AstroVidhi

AstroVidhi is a trustworthy organization. At our store you will find wonderful, pure, real, and certified gems only. At AstroVidhi we believe in delivering quality and authentic products to our customers. Each gemstone is energized by our experienced astrologers before delivery. And most importantly every rashi ratna is lab tested and comes with a certification. This way you will find only the best and original gemstones at our online store.

Why buy gemstone from us?

We have a prime motive of making lives of our customers easier. We don't deal in heat treated gemstone. Nor any tampering is made in them. Our team of experienced Astrologers is well versed with Vedic rituals. They supervise the entire process under their keen observation. Here at AstroVidhi we work for the well being of you and thus we deliver the best quality gemstones only so that your life is benefited to maximum. We follow a clear and simple policy so that you don’t face any problem. To make an order or know more about the process you may call us on our number or drop us an email. Protection Status