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Chandal Dosha

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What is Chandal dosh?

Chandal dosh is the combination of Jupiter and rahu or ketu in the natal chart. Chandal dosh is also known as guru chandal dosha because of Jupiter is also known as guru and has a major role in this dosha. This is mostly malefic to the native but beneficial in some cases when the ketu and Jupiter are in the benefic positions in the birth chart.

Benefic Chandal dosha is called as "Ganesha yoga" and it is auspicious for the native. Pdt. J.L. Nehru can be considered the best example of this yoga.

General Traits

  • Jupiter female natives are very religious. They tend to become an ideal wife and mother. Male natives are very truthful and ethical. They help their wives and in-laws. They hate scolding and leave the place of conflicts.
  • Rahu female natives are fond of cleanliness. They love to spend on their high life style. They feel attracted towards men even after marriage. Male natives are selfish and sensual. They can flirt to every kind of women. They love travelling.
  • Ketu female natives are very independent and self-made. They lose their partner early either by divorce or becoming a widow. Male natives are religious and philosophical. They are not loyal to their partners. They get attracted towards divorcees or widows.

Characteristics Of Dosha

  • The negative or positive results of this dosha depends upon the position of Jupiter in the natal chart.
  • The effects of this Dosha also depends upon the house in which the Yoga has formed.
  • The combination adversely effects the person. Other planets too influence this Yoga.


Following are the effects which are the outcomes of the formation of Jupiter either with Rahu or Ketu.

  • The native will face problems in education and career.
  • The native may lose jobs and face instability and insecurity.
  • The person will not be able to take decisions.
  • The native will suffer financial crises.
  • The native may face obstacles in the relation of father and son.
  • Jupiter becoming malefic can cause major health problems like high blood pressure, asthma, jaundice, tumors, liver problems, chronic constipation, etc.
  • The native makes his own perspective and a particular way of thinking which attracts negativity.
  • The native becomes stubborn and rigid.
  • The native will lose his reputation and increase the chances of imprisonment.
  • The native will face hurdles in retaining property and wealth.
  • The person will face mental and health instability.
  • The person will not be able to focus and concentrate on one thing.
  • The native will be automatically incline towards unethical and immoral activities.


  • Worshipping Lord Vishnu will be very auspicious.
  • Chandal Yoga Nivaran Pooja will reduce malefic aspects and increase the benefits of Jupiter, Rahu or Ketu.
  • One can wear 11 mukhi rudraksha mala which will help in improving health.
  • One can perform a Havan to take Jupiter's blessings.
  • One can wear a yellow sapphire.
  • Worshipping Lord Ganesha will reduce depression.
  • One must organize Chandal Graha Shanti Pooja to have positivity.
  • Give respect to your parents, parents-in-laws, old people, teachers and poor people.
  • Donate honey, turmeric, yellow sweets to teachers or Brahmins.
  • The person should donate any yellow colored things to poor and needy.
  • The person should give food to animals and birds.
  • Chant Jupiter ( brihispati ) or Chandra Grah mantra.
  • One must do the Guru Chandal Yoga Shanti Yagya Anushantan.
  • Worship Maa Baglamukhi and Maa Chinnmasta sidh yantra everyday.
  • One can wear guruchandal Mukti sidh kavach advised by the astrologer. Protection Status