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Weekly Horoscope


This week you will get chance to attend an auspicious ceremony in the family or ...

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Doing foreign travel this week will be beneficial for you. You are likely to rec...

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This week nice time will be spent with the family. You will stay active. You wil...

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This week you will get nice family pleasure. You will get praised at work becaus...

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This week will be very auspicious for you and good news will be received from ev...

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This week you will get pleasure and support from family members. Faith towards r...

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This week you may confront minor difficulties in life, which you will get resolv...

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This week you may receive some good news. Success will be achieved at work area....

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This week you will get good news from spouse and children. Good news will be rec...

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Your luck will favour you. Your prestige and social standing will increase. Desi...

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This week you will get all the support from family and friends. You will get mat...

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This week you will receive good news. Nice support will be gained from friends a...

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Free Weekly Horoscope

Have you ever thought about why we need weekly planners? Many of us spend our Sunday brainstorming about what we will do in our week ahead and how? What if we provide you with a helping hand? Does it sound exciting and leaves you wondering what it can be? It is our weekly horoscope predictions that can keep you ready and prepared for the new opportunities and keep you aware of the shortcomings coming your way.

AstroVidhi has a separate section for weekly horoscope to make it easy for you to focus on one thing at a time. The weekly horoscope acts as a planner for those who are eager to decipher the opportunities coming their way. The weekly horoscope prediction in astrology will not create opportunities for you but will surely guide you when to grab them and when to give it a pass.

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Weekly horoscope predictions at AstroVidhi are known for their accuracy and it is all due to the in-depth research and dedicated efforts of our astrologers who take astrology as a passion and not as a business. The weekly horoscopes are provided to you for free of cost and easily available over the website, apps and can also be delivered as email alerts.’

The weekly horoscope provides you with in-depth information about the possibilities that can come your way through the week. These possibilities of various situations may or may not be favorable to you. For all the unfavorable prediction, we also provide the precautions that can be taken along with the japas and mantras, which can reduce the ill effects in your life.

There are several doshas as well that can act as a hindrance in the path of your success. For all such doshas, we provide you with the yantras and gems. There are other options available as well to remove the negativity that can come your way in the coming week ahead.

AstroVidhi Weekly Horoscope

The weekly horoscope predictions at AstroVidhi is one of the most visited pages. This page is for people who understand the depth of astrology and follow the guidance provided by the astrologers and also for all the fun enthusiasts who consider reading horoscope as a fun thing to do in their day to day life. The easy availability has also increased the demands of just horoscope prediction, but at AstroVidhi, we do not do the prediction just to be a part of the race.

AstroVidhi provides various services for free as people working with AstroVidhi are more focused towards the services. The weekly horoscope prediction made over our site is a general reading which implies to everyone falling under the particular sign. However, if someone wishes to get the personal reading done, then they can make a call and talk to our astrologer or can book for an appointment.

We at AstroVidhi, try to deliver the best services at zero cost or minimal cost. The money-making schemes that various other sites are running in the name of astrology are not our cup of tea. Our idea is to provide solutions to people who believe in astrology and guide them with the best that we can. AstroVidhi has the vision to extend a helping hand to those who have the fear of the unknown by reading their natal charts and informing them about their future prospects.