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Astro Reports


Astrology Reports

Astrology is a science which is deep-rooted. Astrology Reports are important as per life prediction. The point is to make a correct prediction to quantify record and anticipate objective and abstract occasions by correlating and calculating the positions of the heavenly bodies at times.

We at has taken this art as our duty to guide and show the right direction to the devotee by providing accurate customized reports on a daily basis, weekly basis, monthly and yearly expectations by the statistics related to planetary positions and the person's natal chart.

Our premium services are customized in such a way that everyday issues including Career, Finances, Business, Love, Educational, Personal and Property can be minutely examined and detailed reports are provided by our team of experts. Our Guruji Shri Acharya Abhinav Ji enlightens the team of experts and all the reports are checked specifically by him.

Astrology Life Report

Life forecast report covers all parts of your life including love, sex, career, marriage, health and so on. Our proficient astrologers guarantee that you are prepared for the events that are going to happen in next few years. This calculation is done according to our Vedic astrology by Acharya Ji himself for precision.

Astrology Marriage Report

Whether you are hitched or unmarried everyone wants to know how their spouse will be. For unmarried persons, it is an opportunity to know the nature and attitude of life partner.

Astrology Children Report

Are you experiencing issues in conceiving a child? Your child health isn't appropriate or you had a miscarriage. Any issues, our experts will foresee the right time to have kids, remedies for your child health and so on.

Get Matchmaking Report

Do you like someone and want to know whether he or she is perfect for you, then ask our astrologers to clear your doubts.

Get Astrology Love Reports

If you are single and want to know when you will meet your perfect partner or you love somebody and you are facing issues related to it. These reports are one in all solution to all your problems related to your love life.

Astrology Career Report

When your career will get a hike? Do you want to do a white-collar job? This analysis is to illuminate you about the best and worst periods in the profession.

Business Report

This business forecasting will direct you to your business. Get data on right business, great and awful periods for business etc for your development and growth.

Calculate Doshas and Astrology Remedies

By this analysis, your horoscope is studied to eradicate the majority of your issues. In this detailed report, we will recommend visionary cures with the help of mantra, Yantra, gemstone, Puja etc. to weaken the impact of malefic planets so that you have a prosperous and peaceful life.

Gemstone Consultation

A gemstone is a game changer that can bring prosperity by energizing your life. We will recommend a fortunate gemstone for you based on planetary position in the horoscope as a correct gemstone can bring bliss and if it's not suited it can be awful.


Talk our expert astrologer online face to face. All things considered, now you can talk online with Acharya Abhinav Ji. He is a well known Vedic Astrologers in India and who is inclined towards Indian Astrology on the Web or Internet.


Is sound health your major concern? Know everything about your health in detail. As we know that health is wealth. So this deep investigation and precise expectations can help you with regards to wellbeing and wellness.


Get a nitty-gritty examination of planetary positions in your natal chart to comprehend everything about your future. Get solutions for a wealthy life by eliminating upcoming issues before time.


If you want to know whether you are Manglik or not then contact us. If the answer is yes how will it influence your wedded life and what remedies can be taken.


Muhurat Report proposes you most favorable time for getting married, Gruh Pravesh, Ring Ceremony and so on. Whatever your occasion is we will propose a promising time for it.


By picking a numerological name you can step forward to achieve best in your life. Our expert numerologist will investigate your name with details like date of birth; place etc to revise your name which is fruitful for you.


Business Name Correction report is intended to dispose of all the negative energies and absorb positive energies in your business. So what are you waiting for just get this forecast report and let us serve you with the best?


This report will cover every significant part of your life. Our expert will break down and reveal to you what is next and how can you change it accordingly. If your Jupiter is weakened you can rejuvenate it by following our advice.


A special forecasting is added by our astrologers that will cover every minute detail of your professional prospects and will tell you whether you are lucky enough to get an administrative job or not.

Welcome to our premium services and horoscope report segment. Like significant online sites, we don't give non-specific and programming made forecasts. We are obliged to make precise and customized crystal gazing reports and horoscope readings.

Our motto is to alert you for upcoming occasions which are likely to occur in your life so that you are prepared in advance. We give you solutions for your problems to fix all your matters that are causing problems, stress, and hurdles which are killing your happiness. We in AstroVidhi guarantee you that you will get answers to all your queries and you will not regret later.

In AstroVidhi we have everything for you. We are here to simplify your life and our motto is to provide you with the superlative predictions. For updates and more information visit our page and you can request a call back from us for further discussions.