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Yearly horoscope for Rat says that you will be emotional and hard worker throughout. ...

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Yearly horoscope for Ox shows that, your pace of life will increase. You will be very...

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Yearly horoscope for Tiger shows that you need to less dominating. You are a leader b...

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You need to make your goals and act according to that. You may have to sit and solve ...

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This year will be mix of emotions. You will face many twists and turns. All you need ...

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Yearly horoscope for Snake shows that emotions will rule you throughout the year. You...

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Yearly horoscope for Horse shows that this year will be like others, unchanging and s...

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This year will be busy for you but you need to pace up in order to handle the chaos. ...

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Yearly horoscope for Monkey shows that you will be flexible and manageable this year....

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Yearly horoscope for Rooster shows that events will come and they will go, you need t...

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Yearly horoscope for Dog, shows that you will be energized and disciplined throughout...

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Yearly horoscope for Pig shows that, life will demand balance from you and you have t...

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Free Chinese Horoscope

Chinese astrology is considered one of the oldest and accurate forms of astrology. It is due to the amalgamation of concepts on which it is based upon.  Chinese astrology is closely based on the three harmonious elements; Heaven, Earth, and Water.

This ancient astrology technique derives its prediction based on the 12 animals, each representing the entire year. The 12-year mathematical cycle with each year denoting a particular animal makes the stepping stone for Chinese astrology.

Each animal is assigned an entire year, hence giving you your Chinese zodiac sign. Apart from the year, other aspects like months, weeks and days are also assigned to these elements to narrow down the predictions to more accuracy.

The other concepts upon which the Chinese horoscope is based are the balance theory from yin and yang, Wu Sing’s teaching and the fundamentals elements of the universe: metal, wood, fire, land, water, and air. Through the combination of all the theories, Chinese astrologers are able to find out about the past, present, and future of a person.

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At AstroVidhi, we provide you with all this without much effort. The Chinese astrology holds a separate section and is available for all those having faith in Chinese concepts of astrology. We have astrologers, who have put in their hard work, to understand these concepts in depth to provide you with the most appropriate and accurate knowledge about your Chinese sign.

Chinese astrology is not very common but is gaining popularity. It is due to the various baselines, that combine together to make Chinese horoscopes. AstroVidhi has put in extra efforts to find out how the Chinese signs are assigned and what these Chinese signs signify in our lives.

The prediction made in Chinese astrology not only looks into your particular Chinese sign but also takes into concern the current year and its associated sign. This all sounds confusing, but at AstroVidhi, we are making additional inputs to present to you this extremely confusing theory in a simplified manner.

Chinese Horoscope - Free Prediction

Chinese astrology predictions involve various calculations as there are different roots which combine themselves together to present to you’re a tree with each branch representing an entire year in the form of an animal, which is the Chinese zodiac sign. Our astrologers take their skills to another level while making the predictions for you based on the concepts of Chinese astrology.

The Chinese astrology section has various services like; how to find your sign, love compatibility, and love calculators. All these services are available at no cost. The daily Chinese horoscopes are also available and can be received as daily updates over your personal emails. People who wish to get into the depths of such predictions can feel free to contact our learned astrologers and can book for a personal session. Personal readings are also done by our astrologers, and such services can be booked even over a call.

AstroVidhi is an astrology site that is not aiming for money, but for the praise from the people who are willing to take our services. Unlike many other sites, the services available at AstroVidhi have more variety and accuracy. This is what sets AstroVidhi apart from many other similar service providers.

We are not only catering the people who follow the traditional ideas of astrology but to those as well who have faith in other concepts of astrology. The daily predictions and horoscope reading are available for free and can be accessed easily; Chinese horoscope is one among such services. Protection Status