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What is Scorpio Zodiac Sign?

You have a good physique. You are very aggressive and dominating. You like to fulfill your wishes first and then look for others. You are termed as selfish by many of your friends but you are not. You are the best friend in the time of need and you will prove to be the best lover as far as romantic relations are concerned. You will always fight your way out instead of talking or by other means. You are a loyal person as long as you are trusting the other person otherwise you will never be on the side of the person.

When do Scorpio Birthdays fall?

You are a Scorpio if your birthday falls between October 23 - November 21 according to western astrology.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Your love, marriage and family life will be under the influence of Saturn and Mars this year. There may be some delay in finding a soul mate, owing to planetary positions. This year will also mark a change in your approach towards love. Scorpios will be more expressive rather than reserved. This may be surprising for friends and family, as overt display of affection is not something they expect from Scorpios. There is absolutely no chance of single Scorpios falling in “love at first sight...

Scorpio Relation Horoscope

You will have good relations with your brothers and sisters. Your personal life will be full of many ups and downs but after august you will feel much better as many problems will start to vanish. You will not have good relations with your mother and there will be one or other thing going on between you. You will get good cooperation from your father. You will get happiness from kids but their stubborn nature may bring up some moments of troubles....

Scorpio Lal Kitab

You will gain name and fame due to your own hard work. You need to pay attention to your blood sugar level and disgestion to avoid any complication as far as health is concerned. You may benefit from goverment departments and officials. Students may face difficulty in concentrating on studies. Have faith in God and all ventures will be fruitful. Easy money schemes should be avoided under all circumstances. You may come in contact with influential people and gain a lot. Your investment in develo...

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Scorpio Yearly Horoscope

(Based on Your ascendant) The year will begin with Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius, Rahu in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn, Mars this year will be hanging in Capricorn from 2nd May to 6th Novem...