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Scorpio Men Horoscope

As the name goes, you would have thought Scorpio people to be the one, who could be poisonous or at times can be really dangerous! Then it’s your wrong perception. In most of the cases, what happens is that, a scorpion native is usually perceived to be the one, who are not gentle in any way.

Scorpion Husband/Lover: If you happen to be in love with a scorpion male, and passion & high vibes terrify you! Running would be something, which we can recommend to you.

Your scorpion king would always be full of aggression and excitement.   If over emotional traits gets to your head! Just, find the way out to run from there, and seek the best way to get rid of that over emotional dose of a Scorpio king.

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Dominated by the planet Pluto, a Scorpio person has always been the one, who is a master of both the intellect as well as the emotions.

The Pluto person, he will usually be found full of emotions, and that too not only confined with the ROMANCE, put them in any of the context, range varying from the children to the other stuff at home, to the general stuff, from the clothes to the necessities like food and the other daily needs. A typical scorpion will always be full of passion in every single aspect of his life.

The twin aspects of him which are emotion & intellect at the same time, he can make you really confused at times, with his double faced traits, which are Reason & passion. There explosive temper can give a wound for your life time.

They make their own laws & are usually least concerned with what other people have been thinking about him. Marriage is a god venture considered with a scorpion ascendant, but walkout a single doubt; he will be really aggressive at times, if you happened to hurry him.

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