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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Today's Horoscope 23-03-2018


You shall feel tired and exhausted. Your stamina will decrease as the day progresses. Include breathing exercises will maintain your stamina throughout the day. Take care of food habits as you are prone to indigestion issues.Having a healthy diet is advisable today. Minor health issues might crop up leading to stress. Nothing to worry as these issues can be readily addresses and cured too.


In Spite of stress you will feel relaxed and motivated. You will try to find something positive in every situation. Even after hectic day you shall feel contented.Acting on your spontaneous impulses will yield positive surprises. Your creative and humorous attitude will gain you recognition in social circles

Personal Life

Every effort to comfort your family will fail today. You are likely to get misunderstood by someone close to you. Try to avoid any arguments at home or with your friends. Spending some time alone will help you resolve inner conflicts.


Due to minor mistakes in you task at work you will face some issues. Later, as the day progresses you will resolve these issues. Be cautious about money matters today. Business people will have to make changes in their marketing strategy.


Official trip is indicated today. Trips will be beneficial even though hectic.


Luck do not seem to be on your side today. You will have to keep check of every step that you take at work or in personal life.

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