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Kamal Gatte Ki Mala


Kamal Gatta is the seed obtained from Lotus. Like the lotus blooms in the muddy water, the stone gives a light of spirituality to the person who wears it.

Benefits of Kamal Gatte ki mala:

  • Kamal Gatte Ki Mala gives the ability to rise above hurdles to the person.
  • It provides knowledge and power to fight with problems.
  • It gives tolerance power to the wearer.
  • It brings positivity and self-control in life.
  • It gives peace of mind and joy.

How to use:

Before wearing Kamal Gatte Ki Mala, meditate while keeping the stone in your hand.

Think of the qualities you want the stone to integrate and wear it.

Why purchase from us:

It is energized by our esteemed panditiji. Fully energized and purified Kamal Gatte Ki Mala without any crack will work best from rest.

Buy Kamal Gatte Ki Mala online and you will definitely see a change.


Beads:Oval shaped Lotus seed
Number of Beads:108
Bead Size(mm):~15.5*11
Origin:Natural Indian Seeds

Delivery Details

Delivery: Within 3 - 4 Business Days
Free Shipping: All over India and USA
Order on Whatsapp: 82852 82851
Energization:This Remedy is Energized by Pd. Suraj Shastri.


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