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Shri Sainath Siddhi Yantra

Shri Sainath Siddhi Yantra

Shri Sainath siddhi yantra is believed to be having powers and direct blessings of Shri Sainath.

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Metal :Panch Dhatu
Size :3x3 inch
Weight :~10 Gm
Shape :Square
Energization :By Pandit Suraj Shastri

Shri Sainath siddhi yantra is believed to be having powers and direct blessings of Shri Sainath.

Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi, was a great Indian Spiritual Guru, Yogi, and Fakir who transcended the barriers of religions and help changed millions of lives in a positive way.

Benefits Of Sainath Siddhi Yantra:

  • This yantra is helpful and beneficial in improving and enhancing the overall life of the worshipper including all the spheres and activities of life.
  • Sainath Siddi Yantra also enhances the financial growth, wealth and abundance after inducing money flow, profits, increased income & prosperity.
  • The worshipper of this yantra is also blessed with great wisdom, courage, confidence, and strength.
  • This yantra also increases the willpower and heals negativity in and around and is also helpful in providing good health, mind, and body.

How To Worship Shri Sainath Sidhi Yantra:

The yantra should be placed in a sacred place it could be your home temple, at an auspicious place and time. Then light a lamp and incense.

Close your eyes and meditate, worship to your deity to seek blessings and ask the god to make your desired wish to come true.

Meditate and place it with dedication. Offer ghee diya in front of it and shower it with gangajal.

Why Purchase From Us:

It is energized by our esteemed astrologer and all you need to do is place it in your temple and worship daily.

Buy this Yantra online and you will see a change soon.



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