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Scorpio Boss Horoscope

Quite, subtle with his Politeness, yet a dangerous dark side hidden inside, this we have a Scorpio boss for you! A person who shows as if the most gentle one, but carries a stick along with him to hit any time back, who just master the skill of calming down well any person well, who dare to take the audacity to raise any finger on his technique or a skill.

Wisdom and Power stays the favourite topics for your Scorpio boss. He knows well, how to maintain a good balance between the two, when he just doesn’t want it! But he needs it rather!

Pure inquisitive soul, who just want to know everything from the minute particles to the bigger scenarios of what lies between the hell and the heaven, what is the life after death?

Those small eyes of the scorpion boss can very well tell what goes in your mind is and has that deep analysing capability that no one else can ever imagine to best off.

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You should better avoid gazing directly in to his eyes, if you happened to be working with a scorpion boss, as his those strong hypnotic eyes, will be very well able to tell, what is cooking in your tiny brain or is there any confession that you had been wanting to do, since so long.

The Pluto power of the Scorpio boss, gives him the ability to decide, what, where and How is happening! ‘If there lies even a tiny spec of a doubt on any one, your scorpion king boss will be able to tell it very well, with his command.

Behind those big, hypnotic eyes, lies the sharp mind, which knows it all and wish to mine all around.

The immense self-control of the Pluto boss is so remarkable, that it is famous in all the office. His office’s cabin is the most happening, the coolest spot to be in.

The scorpion boss has an immense control over his mind and nature, which is just remarkable & unbeatable, no one can ever think of entering his territory with that audacity.

A sharp and true rival! Your scorpion boss, is the most efficient and strategic player, he hides his emotions and the feelings so well, that as if nothing is happening in his mind & leaves the rest in an immense surprise and awe with his sudden, least expected attack, which is that deep and harmful, leaves the other person, in a complete deep sea of hurt and sadness.

If your Scorpio boss likes you, he will do anything, to help you out, to give you advice and grant you with the best of the strategies, out of his great mind. However, if he happens to be having that hatred for you, nothing in this world, will be able to help you to run away from his aggression and fury.

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