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Scorpio Taurus Love Compatibility

This relationship has the potential to be a horror, but if both the signs put in their sincere efforts, they may succeed. Both of them aspire to be like each other, but are too stubborn to admit it.

The Scorpios often disguise their true emotions under a mask; The Bulls however do not like to pretend. They are what they are, and do not shy away from exhibiting their true feelings.

The Scorpio’s ability to judge people and look into their soul, together with the Taurus determination and impassivity can help them rule the world.


How would the relationship be?

The Taurus woman will think twice before accepting a so called callous Scorpio man. But she soon realizes it’s his just and fair nature that has earned him this tag of being ruthless.

His strong masculine charisma may scare the Taurean woman a little, but it will not stop her from loving him. Both the signs are extremely loyal. The Taurean woman is possessive about her man and the Scorpio man enjoys the fact that his woman takes pride in him and wants him only for herself.

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What will the main loopholes be?

A Scorpio man gets to the depth of something that interests him, and complete ignores something that does not. A Taurean woman on the other hand, is strongly attached to anything and everything she comes across, and may find it difficult to ignore something that her partner disapproves of.

His practicality matches hers, but his hot, passionate emotions do not. Whatever the area may be, a Scorpio becomes a little too intense, which the Taurean woman doesn’t approve of.

What can be done?

The Scorpio man disguises his true emotions under the mask of detachment. This causes trouble in case of a lover’s tiff. Her stubborn nature forbids her from showering her affection on him even though she wants to do it. She needs to understand that it’s on she who can heal him when he’s hurting—it is only she whom he desires.


How would the relationship be?

A Taurus man in love with a Scorpio woman is either headed towards doom, or the best experience of his life.

A Taurean man is quite capable of handling the many moods of his Scorpio woman. The two, being loyal and passionate, can never have a casual affair. It is always serious, leading either to bliss or disaster.

What will the main loopholes be?

After a fight, both of them say they will forgive each other- but they cannot. They say they will forget, but they do not. This leads to further disagreements and their stubborn nature is an added bonus. This leads their relationship to a dead end at times.

The Bull’s sense of humour may also pose a problem for the Scorpio woman, who does not like being teased. He is a warm person and enjoys a joke every now and then to lighten the mood- but she does not enjoy it.

What can be done

Diplomacy and Compromise are not a Scorpio woman’s strong points and even though she sees the other person’s point of view, it is either “my way or the highway” for her. She needs to change this attitude and learn to adjust only then can this relationship be successful.

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