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What is Sagittarius Zodiac Sign?

“Truth lovers”, this is the best word to describe you. You like to be fair with one and all and do not like shallow people and thoughts around you. You are sensible and caring but there is a fair amount of ego in you which is the dividing line between you and rest of the people. You are misunderstood many times due to this.  You may gain weight in your later years. You are religious but not run blindly after religion. In life, you will gain many good things and the things required for a good life. You require your own space in every relationship. You love your parents a lot.

When do Sagittarius Birthdays fall?

You are a Sagittarian if your birthday falls between November 22 - December 21 according to western astrology.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

2016 will be the year of romance for the Sagittarians. Friendships and relationships will blossom and romance will be in the air. Single Sagittarians will experience strong attraction towards the opposite sex. But you are advised to not rush into things. Do not seek love through blind dates or the internet. You need emotional support and a dependable partner this year.  You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a partner, but think of whether it will last or not. If you don&r...

Sagittarius Relation Horoscope

You are prone to have serious differences with family members but only some times, otherwise things are looking great for you. You will have good relations with your mother and will have a smooth married life. You may have some issues with your brothers and sisters, which may turn into a serious matter but that, will depend upon your individual horoscopes. Those running ketu DBA will have the major losses or differences. You will not gel well with your father and there will be difference of opin...

Sagittarius Lal Kitab

Faith in God will help you succeed in every sphere of life. People who deal in Gold will incur huge profits. There are chances of an increased interest in Ayuveda, Astrology and Spirituality. Avoid over expenditure. To successfully implement your plans, avoid revealing them to others. There may be lack of communication with your siblings. Finances will be a concern due to Shani’s sade- sati. You may feel insecure professionally but your hard work will bring rewards. To control the negati...

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Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope

(Based on Your ascendant) The year will begin with Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius, Rahu in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn, Mars this year will be hanging in Capricorn from 2nd May to 6th Novem...