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Sagittarius Employee Horoscope

There is one category of the employees, who most of the times, get encouraged and get the right drive to work, only when they have been told about the incentives and the profits that they will be able to make, once they are associated with the company and starts with their work profile as soon as they come on the board.  Always get excited, if been told anything, which has to do with the real cash. Who is going to pay him and how much amount will he be getting, these are the things which marks as the first priority for your Sagittarian employee.

Surely a delight to have in the office, the Sagittarian employee is one optimistic and whole heartedly positive soul, who would stay that ways throughout his tenure with the company.

The positive soul is known to be the one, who never ever do any task or be any daily activity half-heartedly.  The only thing, for which a Sagittarius employee will never be serious about, would be his marriage.

Usually a Sagittarius employee wears a thin veil of modesty over that fury of the aggression, but inside is a gentleman, who lives with an umpteen spirit of self-pride full of the self-confidence and attitude.

He might sound sometimes to you as over casual or just easy to go kind of a person, but never let this happy-go-lucky image of his, make a false presumption in your mind about him, as you just cannot let go that strong Jupiter afflictions on his mind.

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He would be always the one, ahead of the others, with his bright mind, making him abreast of the others.

The over curious behavior of the Sagittarius employee can get to your nerves at times, when things can make you seriously too much disturbed and interrupted with his over inquisitiveness.

But yes, the sag-employees never do anything half way. The inquisitive rest less mind, just cannot simply take the instructions, his mind will always want to know why those set of instructions are given to him? What actually would have come in the mind of the instructor that he gave those instructions?

Collect all your wit and the good sense of stark humor. When you are there dealing with a Sagittarius employee.

They very rarely blush, when you give them some compliment. It’s a mere Jupiter luck that seems to be bestowing upon all the right set of wisdom and the wit together on these people.

It’s usually the Jupiter luck that lingers on the people, who belong to the sun sign of the Sagittarius.

Talking about certain grey shades of the overall personality of an Sagittarius employee, he can at times be taking entirely wrong decisions and his code of conduct can be seriously be just inappropriate and exactly opposite of what is expected from him, in the very present set up of the meeting room or that of the conference hall, which can be really nerve wrecking for him.

The professions which are highly recommended for an Sagittarius employee are:

Bank presidents, radio announcers ,important politicians, newspaper reporters, ministers, doctors, lawyers, carnival people , plumbers, carpenters, society dowagers, girl weight-lifters, gamblers, chorus girls, architects, bartenders & college professors all trip merrily over his welcome at all hours of the day or night. He sizes up people with his own monarch. If they measure up to his standards, he dutifully guards them.

He gives orders with a rather stately air, but he’s so high-spirited about it, and there’s normally so much logic in his methods, it’s hard to take violation.

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