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Sagittarius Men Horoscope

A completely free of malevolence, hatred kind person, who just speak out, what goes in his/her mind, uttering out what goes in the mind, not a tough physical characteristics, which are hard to learn, they have this great influence from the almighty planet of Jupiter, which has been the main guiding force for the  powerful and intelligent Sagittarius.

They have many distinctive and easily noticeable physical features, which have been altogether! You can look for a barely large forehead and distinctive shoulders, which make them, stand out in the crowd with the superior motives which make them stand out in the crowd.

Wide sweeping gestures which can be sometimes dramatic and vigorous too, adding that super frank and out spoken like a 9 year old child to him, constitutes the main characteristics that define a Sagittarian.

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His fare truthfulness and the clear mind like that of a child, makes it an inviting note for the rest of the people, that whenever and what so ever kind of fact or the truth they would want to hear, then go to a Sagittarian person, as he will always utter out the truth (which goes in his mind) like a child.

Physically conspicuous, the Sagittarian ascendant, an archer, is always found restless and is usually full of energy.

High spirited Sagittarian people are really sensitive to any kind of wrong allegations, if they are accused of anything, which they have not done! It would be just unfair for them and they will scream and cry with the roar of that of a lion.

Sagittarians have been, blessed with wide and beautiful eyes like that of a sparrow, which sparkles and twinkles.

Ruled by Jupiter, the Sagittarian person fears nothing and is always ready for any kind of adventure, either at the work place or in any kind of new adventurous kind opportunity.

But the thing, which usually makes him land in a troublesome occasion, is that he stays all unaware of the effects that would have got caused, when he is at times really blunt or speaks out his heart all openly.

They are usually happy and gregarious, but there temper can really sometime explode, with a bang, like TNT, when usually he has been pushed by few people around him, who try to incite his mind with some wicked motives.

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