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Sagittarius Love Compatibility Horoscope


The Love bond or the relation terms of the Aries (Ram) with the Sagittarius (Archer) can be well explained by the following main points:

Both always prefer to stay up late, as they are always really gauzy with the fear of missing something or the other, by any chance. And have few of the specific traits, which response well, when it comes to their Love relation or the bond. Let’s explore, the main fundamentals of the relationship between the Aries & Sagittarius, have been give below for you:

Aries and Sagittarius mostly gel up well together and their bonding comes out to be successful.

They both have many things in common, like their abundance of well-matched wisdom and idealism is something that comes handy to them. Heated discussions always turn out to be one of their favorite activities & have an extreme fondness for the same.

No one can be more naive then The Ram, who have the child like trustworthy nature and a confidence on his partner.

How would the relationship be?

The relationship would be smooth like a serene sea and both the partners with their great wisdom would be a great melody.  Great amount of idealism and the intellect is what which strides on the Aries person, so would be the one, who would be talking most of the time.

What will be the main Loopholes?

The main loopholes would be the one when; the egos of the both will strike. The Jupiter dominated Aries partner would be the one, who would be talking most of the time and have this main

What is to be done to make things sail smoothly between the two?

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The relation would be more like, when two rebellions meet; the aggressive counterparts have been found to be in a great melody with each other and sometimes can be a real treat to watch.


The Bull can never speed up; they enjoy their slow and steady pace. It’s the Archer who has to slow down, if he wants the relationship to work. The Bulls find the Archers highly amusing and crack up every time the Archer tells a joke.

But they get confused once they see the Archer fight in real life- the seriousness they have makes the Bull uncertain of their real nature.


How would the relationship be?

A Sagittarian woman tends to cry a lot over shattered ambitions, broken hearts, or smashed dreams. In such a time, the dependable Bull offers the much needed support. He soothes and calms her and assures her that everything will be alright.

What would the main loopholes be?

The Sagittarian woman loves argument- a sensible one which would give her an opportunity to employ her sharp mind and knowledge. The Bull, on the other hand, does not enjoy arguments.

She loves to call all her friends over and have friendly discussions. But the silent Bull does not want noisy and interfering strangers in his house. This could lead to a disagreement between the two.

What can be done?

The Taurus Man needs to understand that a Sagittarian woman cannot be asked to shut up. She likes to talk and will not like someone telling her otherwise. He needs to understand her honesty and she needs to understand that her man likes staying at home with her- it’s where they belong.


How would the relationship be?

The Taurus woman does not believe in casual affairs. When she falls in love, she plans her future with the Sagittarian man, who does not plan so much. By the time he realizes he should tell her he is not serious, it’s too late.

The happy go lucky Sagittarian attracts the practical Taurean woman a lot and her practicality balances his reckless behavior. But they have to adjust with each other.

What would the main loopholes be?

The Archer is a free bird who does not like to be tamed. The Taurean woman is possessive, she does not intend to control her man, but she wants him all for herself, which he fails to understand.

He is loyal, and takes love seriously just like the Taurean woman. But he lacks regard for his partner’s feelings, and may be too frank at times. He desires a partner who is adventurous and loves taking risks. She needs someone who she can depend on. Hence there can be some challenges in the relationship.

What can be done?

Whenever there is a disagreement, the Taurus woman adopts a cold attitude towards the other person. The Sagittarian man, however, has a fiery temper. Both of these approaches deter reconciliation. Their alliance can be long lasting if they begin to understand each other and solve the problem instead of blocking it out.

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