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Sagittarius Child Horoscope

A happy, cheerful soul, who has a pure & clear heart like a crystal with no selfish motives for any one. A Sagittarius child is a pure down to earth person who usually laughs on his own mistakes and never loses his temper easily. If you take a careful look on your Sagittarian Girl child, you will always find that cherub’s look alike angelic face.

Happy playful miniature clowns, who just laugh and giggle on any matter, with that rare shiny twinkle in their eyes. They are an absolute cheerful soul, who has been well adored by their parents. The Sagittarians angels do cry with the big drops of the tears in their eyes, if they get neglected.

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Here is a snap shot for you, to understand the Sagittarius children in a way better point of view:

They are usually stubborn, who don’t listen that easily to you and your aggressive comments, if it does not appeal to him/her.

The very famous ancient saying: that the children step on your feet, when they are small and they step on your head, when they grow up, is most approximately been written for the Sagittarius kids.

The girls are usually not found to be serious, but usually just testing their feminine quotation, in some or the other scenario.

The Sagittarius kid, is always been ambitious who believe in feeling the grass under his bare feet, the rain on his face and the let his dreams be baked in the sunlight, until unless they are not been fulfilled.

They have this strong drive towards the ambitions, as he glares on the stars, with an ambitious mind of an honest little archer.

The Sagittarius offspring’s can have an exceptional interest in the religion, as, many young girls and boys usually been observed to have that dedication and drive to become a priest or a nun in a very young and tender age.

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