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Citrine Stone

Citrine Stone

Citrine (Sunehla) is a yellow stone which is soft and purely transparent. Citrine (Sunehla) is a sub stone of Pukhraj and Pukhraj is Jupiter’s precious gem.

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Stone Name :Citrine (Sunehla)
Weight in Ratti:4.5- 7 Ratti
Origin :Brazil
Energization:Pt. Suraj Shastri

Citrine (Sunehla) is a yellow stone which is soft and purely transparent. Citrine (Sunehla) is a sub stone of Pukhraj and Pukhraj is Jupiter’s precious gem.

Hence by wearing Citrine (Sunehla) one will get all kinds of benefits that planet Jupiter provides in our lives which can be classified as; one starts getting respect and honour in society, one gets better at decision-making skills and one also starts taking interest in society related works.

Who should wear this?

According to Vedic Astrology Citrine (Sunehla) stone is related to planet Jupiter and Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius and Pisces, keeping this aspect in concern people born under the Mon Sign Sagittarius must wear Sunhela to get better results in life. As per Western Astrology people born under the Suns Sign, Sagittarius must wear Sunhela as it is there birthstone.

Benefits of Citrine (Sunehla)

  • With the effects of Citrine (Sunehla) stone, one gets rid of stringency and other financial troubles and the issues will soon subside.
  • The stone is considered the best to ease out the mental stress
  • The stone is very helpful to get better concentration power in studies and to pursue further higher studies.
  • One who wears this stone starts performing better in the field of education, law, and studies.
  • Anyone who has ailments related to Liver or diabetes and did not find much relief even after trying all the medications must wear this stone; they will surely find relief from their sufferings.
  • Wearing this stone also helps in controlling anger issues and it keeps your hormones under check and provides you with peace.

When to wear?

One must wear this stone on an auspicious Thursday or in the hora or hour of Jupiter so that the person gets the maximum benefits but before wearing the Citrine (Sunehla) ring or bracelet or locket, one must dip the stone in the mixture of raw milk and Holy water, Gangajal, to purify the stone.

After that, one must offer the prayers and then wear the stone. This stone must be worn in either Silver or in Panchdhatu. This ring must be worn on the index finger. The Citrine stone in the ring must of at least 4.7 to 7.2 carat or 5.25 ratti to 8 ratti.

What do we offer?

The Citrine (Sunehla) Stone is baptized and blessed by our very learned astrologer Pt. Suraj Shastri Ji, which helps in giving desired results in a short frame of time. The Citrine Stone from us also comes with a certificate which authenticates the originality of the stone.



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