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Blue Sapphire Ring

Rs. 3250.00
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Blue Sapphire ring is good for Capricorn and Aquarian people. Blue Sapphire is related to Planet Saturn or Shani.

Technicalities apart, Blue Sapphire is a stone which had been trusted by kings and the likes for removing the darkness in their lives and shine their luck.

How Saturn brings bad luck?

It is said that Saturn brings bad luck and loss of fame and wealth when it is passing from the 12th, 1st, and second sign from the natal moon i.e., the moon position at the time of birth.

The Sade Sati and other phenomenon

If your natal moon was in Aries and Saturn transits to Pisces then your period of Sade Sati will begin from the day of the begin of the transit into Pisces and it will end on the day when it will leave Taurus. This is a very long period of 7.5 years and any break any native.

Even when Saturn is in 4th and 8th house from natal moon it is considered to be very inauspicious.   In 4th house it is said Kantak Shani and in 8th it is termed as Ashtam Shani.

Rs. 3250.00