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Blue Sapphire Ring


Blue Sapphire ring is good for Capricorn and Aquarian people. Blue Sapphire is related to Planet Saturn or Shani.

Benefits of Blue Sapphire Ring:

  • If you are being erroneous in your life then wearing this ring will certainly help you.
  • After wearing this ring, lethargic people become proactive and laborious. 
  • It wards off the evil effects of Saturn.

Who can wear:

Natives of Capricorn sign can wear this ring.

Who are Capricorn sign natives:

if you are born between 21st December to 20th January or your name starts with any of these letters भो, जा, जी, खी, खू, खे, खो, गा, गी then you are an Aquarius sign native.

Why buy from us:

This ring is energized by our Acaharya Raman so that it will give you positive results. It will also have the certificate of originality. 

Feel free to call 8285282851 for any queries.


Stone Weight:5.25 Ratti
Certification:VEGGA Jaipur
Metal:Panch Dhatu
Ring Weight:3.5 to 5 Gms.
Ring Size:Adjustable (Free Size)

Delivery Details

Delivery: Within 3 - 4 Business Days
Free Shipping: All over India and USA
Order on Whatsapp: 82852 82851
Energization:This Remedy is Energized by Pd. Suraj Shastri.


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