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Gemini Nature Horoscope

Sign of the Gemini represents the twins. Hence, the basic overall trait of its ascendant can be well explained with the sign, which represents the doubles. The two distinct sides of an extremely dynamic and changeable personality, the Gemini ascendant is here for you, well explained and well portrayed to give you a fair idea of his personality.

The volatile and double faced character of a Gemini personality is an absolute fascinating and exciting character to watch for. His ever changing character can be well related with those bright lights of a discotheque, which change their color so frequently.

It’s an extensive challenging task to tell, when the time when fun begins was and when the reality does end.

Knowing further about this amazing character requires a smart and a fast forward thought process to be able to develop a clear understanding of his/her traits.

Change is something that comes easily to a person who is Gemini. He is the one, who love to change his clothes, job, and place of residence frequently.

A typical browser he is, a pure Gemini can be easily found in the bookstores and the libraries.

John.F.Kennedy is one of the best examples for the Gemini ascendants, who undoubtedly had been able to get to the gist of a book, after taking a single glance of the few pages of a book.

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Being impatient and dynamic in their character, they also have this hurried habit of reading the last page first.

There is hardly any Gemini, who reads a book consistently and quietly with reading each page sincerely. He always jumps from one page to another. If by any chance, any gemini is found , who  reads each page of a book, then his natal chart would off-course be having Taurus, Capricorn or one of the persistent signs on the ascendant.

The industries or the domains, in which the Gemini people are usually observed, can be listed as: radio station, a public relations firm, a publishing house or a call center.

If you ever get a chance to find the charismatic person like Gemini, give your fair amount of time and study him carefully.

Though observed to be the double personality, a Gemini person, is usually found to be getting irritated and disturbed, when get in the company of the people, who cannot make their mind well and are not aware of what they want. Unlike them, a Gemini person is usually aware of what he wants and where they stand at least for the given chance.

Talking about their physical appearance, the Gemini people are, usually slender and tall. They are ruled by mercury, their crystal clear eyes, which are usually brown or green, make them different from the rest.

They usually have a pale complexion and are very much prone to get tanned in the sun. It is one of the traits that make them easily identifiable from the rest.

Drudgery and Monotony, is not at all the cup of coffee for the Gemini people. They fiercely oppose any kind of the monotonous course of activities in their daily life.

The dual faced Gemini, are little deceptive, in their real intents and the motives. They feel the need of what goes in their mind and are hence good hiders of the real feelings in their minds. A true disguise of the real motives is what constitutes their nature.

The mercury ruled Gemini have an exceptional talent for writing. They love to procrastinate in theory.

Any Gemini woman or a man can very cleverly phrase any word and string their thoughts in the words.

Extremely intelligent, the Gemini people hold the talent of charming any one and their creativity make them able to come out with any song to sing.

Here is a list of the magnificent Gemini personalities all across the world:

Marilyn Monroe

Bob Dylan

Cole Porter

Bright man Young

Al Jolson

Wallis Simpson

Ian Fleming

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