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Gemini Love Horoscope

As Venus (the planet of love and relationships) is positioned in the seventh house from your sign- Sagittarius, a turbulent phase in relationships is on the cards this year. You will have to adopt a practical and sensible approach to handle matters. Your partner may have a cold attitude towards you which will lead to misunderstandings.

If you are married, your marriage is expected to go through testing times. You will face problems balancing your personal and professional life, due to stress in the latter. This will result in misunderstandings between you and your partner. Your inability to pay attention to your partner and spend time with them will prove harmful for the relationship. We advise you to manage your time since the very beginning, and focus on your spouse to avoid conflicts and restore the faith in your marriage.

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Those planning to start a family- October is the best month and there are good chances that you will be blessed. Planetary positions and transits foretell hope and positive news for married couples.

Single Geminians will pursue a new love interest, which will also pose challenges as there will either be a considerable age gap, or that person will be emotionally unavailable. For some, a new interest will be exciting, and they will want to commit. To others, however, long term relationships may seem be too demanding and a little uncomfortable.

Change is inevitable, and this year will bring a lot of changes in your life- in both: attitude and relationships. If you have been hanging on to meaningless and futile relationships- it’s time to let go! Move on with your life and invest in something that gives returns. Contrarily, if you feel you have not done enough for a relationship, invest more time in it and there are good chances it will be rejuvenated!

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