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Gemini Women Horoscope

Here are specific observed traits of the women who are Gemini ruled by Mercury.

Gemini happens to give two personalities on one time. If you are married to Gemini woman, accept the two faces or traits just like you are married to two wives. It’s an absolute challenge for a person to define a thin line difference, between the two personalities of a Gemini woman, as she is most often found to be reflecting two kinds of traits always.

Her mind is never at rest. It is always travelling, and pure Gemini ladies always keep a good pitch of commentary in all the events. Until she matures, the romance is the only key reason for her to breathe and live.

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Gemini lady has a romantic and passionate heart who makes her an immense loving & passionate soul. She has always been the combination of many personalities, who is immensely unpredictable & fickle at a predicament degree.

Gemini women loves compliments and even more to credits. Give her credit of the work done by her and she will bewilder.

She has her adventurous side too. She will go long way with you.

She loves to be a mother and yearns for motherhood. She has this natural tendency of finding perfection in each particular man she meets as she aims to search for a person who is best for her.

Gemini girl can go nagging sometimes. She can make a complete mess out of your life. She can be a real pain. She can feel that you are in love with her and just in the other second she will find another man attractive and would intend to move on and love another guy.

Gemini women accept changes very well. They move ahead easily. They are gifted with special bubble and sparkle with them.

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