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Gemini Boss Horoscope

SHARP & SUPER VIGILANT, who just loves the changes

Super vigilant & immensely sharp, here is the Gemini boss for you, who stand like a walking clock on your head. Gemini sign represents the air sign. A charming personality, who should never be underestimated when it comes to his leadership qualities and the great wit that makes him stand out of the crowd.

He is restless and loves changes.  They can easily adopt the senior management roles then the typical 9 am to 5 pm job. Should be moved from one kind of the role to another rather than being stuck on one & typical position

President Kennedy is one of the best examples of the leading personalities, who are Gemini, who are not meant to command or lead throughout their life time.

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They are brilliant at their work and have great wisdom. A typical sign of air, he must move around often, hence should not be just stuck at one place.

He is a master in dealing with ideas, principles and abstractions. , who has an excellent sense of humor, who wants to know, what is what & how things have been done. His wisdom is well portrayed, when he is given a variety or the varied options to choose from.

The symbolism of air, the good thing about the Gemini boss is, he is never monotonous and has a great sense of humor. Never feel that he will hate you, as he hardly even think about you more than an hour.

Great combo of persuasive powers, irresistible charm and wit, the Gemini boss has these sparkling eyes full of positive thoughts and vibes. They just love to be an entertainer and the show-stopper.

He can be company’s best salesman, a good speaker, who usually makes great speeches.

Expert in the double talk, he is a pure Irish at his heart, when it comes to the basic approach towards his life.

A Gemini boss is a rare blend of an unexceptional wit and humor. It’s a pure bliss, to get the opportunity to work with a Gemini head and carve your potentialities under his leadership, keeping certain things beside.

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