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Gemini Daily Horoscope

Today's Horoscope 11-12-2018


You shall have to take extra efforts to keep your health stable and sound. Working out with friends will bring joy and maintain your physical fitness. Take care of your eyes . Getting some sleep will make you feel refresh.


You will introspect and understand your strong points and flaws. You will feel relaxed and calm as your inner conflict gets resolved.

Personal Life

You will have strong connection with your siblings. A good day to spend with your sibling. You will share your memories and experience with your close friends and spend some cheerful moments.


You will have to take some extra efforts to prove your points. You will act as mediator to resolve conflicts between your colleagues. Businessmen will have to change the strategy at the last moment to make things work in their favor. All the efforts will be paid off.


You will travel with you family to outstation. Your trip will be memorable.


You shall get recognition for your efforts as luck demands you be in the limelight today.

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