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Gemini Love Compatibility Horoscope

Gemini  natives are compatible with Aries, Gemini and Cancer.


A great duo! This combination can send anyone back to their home and give a good run for the money.

A good, team, where both the Aries and the Gemini, have such an exceptional selling skills that they can send even the manhattans back to Indians, they have this one particular ability, to make such an expressive and convincing sales point, that the other person, gets way too weak and helpless, that the person ends up buying the idea.

You can very well, have one of the strongest sales team, when you have these two ascendants together. They both are just exceptionally good in a prompt, competitive and the dynamic sale’s skills. Both just love kick starting their day with closing some deal or some offer.

When they both are together, they are like the army of the 300 Spartans, who just cannot be defeated by any one in any way.

Together they both are a pop up of champagne, which is just filled with so much of the energy, effervescent with the bubbles of energy, passion and the confidence to win.

When both the aggressive Aries and the  carefree Gemini meet, they both with full passion and energy fall for each other, without worrying a bit , thinking about how the future would be like and whether their relationship would be successful or not? Would they ever be staying peacefully together?

For Aries Man & Gemini Woman: There’s a very little restraint in the love relationship between the two. All Gemini men should restrain themselves from the early marriage, unless they had been Capricorns, Virgo, Cancer or Taurus.

There will be possible lack of will power and stability. A man usually looks up to her woman, to supply that energy and the passion that he seems to have been lacking in his life, but however in the scenario of the Aries man and the Gemini woman, they both face lot of constringent and narrow scope for any kind of cooperation and the passion drive from the woman, who is a gemini.  The main & biggest loop hole would be the miss match of the ram’s energy with the twin woman.

For Aries Woman & Gemini Man: The Gemini man usually gets stuck in more than one task at a time, which usually turns out to be a big turn-off for the Mars woman.  Unlike the aries woman, an Aries man have usually been notice by many people, as Well oriented and well arranged in all the important spheres in his life. The Gemini man, usually don’t get jealous, which is something that again irritates or give ants in the pants of the Aries woman.

What to do to make things sail smoothly:

What are the main things that an Aries man should take care of, when he is in relationship with the Gemini woman? & Vice versa. Here is an outline of this particular scenario:

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For Aries Man & Gemini Woman: The Gemini woman has to get her life on a proper track. She just cannot risk, lagging behind in matching the pace with the Aries man. The Gemini woman falls for that gentleman who does two thins at a time and has this great capability of multi-tasking. Both being proactive and full of energies, enjoy each other’s passions.

For Aries Woman & Gemini Man: Both have to match their pace of energy. Aries woman has to keep her passion and the energy well lined and synchronized with her better half, the Gemini man. The lunar imagination is usually been found to be charging up the essence of their life and have been main drive between both.


Both Gemini and Cancer are good at talking. The crab has an ability to remember minute details about any incident and when they both talk they can hold each other till late in the conversation with their wit and charm. Both the Twins and the Crab are dreamers and quite moody also, both have creative imaginations and are frequently amused.

Gemini woman & Cancer man

How would the relationship be?

A Cancerian man has an emotional and sentimental personality similarly a Gemini girl is also very emotional. Overall it is a happy relationship but for the Gemini woman a lot of patience is required and the Cancerian man need to adapt himself according to situations. For this relationship to work devotion is required. Since both live in a world of dreams so it is a passionate relationship.

What would the main loopholes be?

The crab ideally has a possessive nature whereas the twins have double minds. So clashes can occur between them and staying happy is a little difficult as her ruling planet is Mercury and according to sun-moon aspect she does not send patient vibes. Another challenge is their mood swings. Sometimes she is happy but the crab is cranky, this disappoints her.

The crab has a sensitive personality so if she is unhappy with him, in spite of his efforts, he will go into his shell which is a disadvantage.

What can be done?

Now when this happens she needs to take charge and start talking and sorting differences. She has a soothing nature so she needs to talk to the sensitive Cancer man. He needs attention and sympathy – not cold rejection. She needs to make loving efforts to change his mood. However only her efforts are not enough, both of them need to more patient and devoted to each other.

Gemini man & Cancer woman

How would the relationship be?

There is some uneasiness in this relationship as the Crab girl has an emotional personality and always needs attention, where as the Gemini man has a very casual attitude towards relationships.

She easily gets carried away by romantic scenes and wants the same kind of love in her life but the man is very easy going and does not indulge easily in romance.

What would the main loopholes be?

The Gemini man has a very sharp mind and he can analyze people quickly but he is unable to understand the Crab girl. On being asked about his girl he says that he doesn’t understand what she’s thinking. Similarly, the Crab girl says she doesn’t understand what he wants.

She talks a lot and tells him what’s on her mind but the man will not take much interest in her, which disappoints her. Due to her emotional nature she might cry but even her tears don’t bother him much and then there is a state of uneasiness in the relation.

What can be done?

The problem with this relationship is that adjusting with each other is quite difficult so the Crab needs to deal with a lot of patience. Also because of his casual nature there will be a lot of difficulties in this relation. Hence, patience will be much needed.


This alliance of two sets of twins (that makes four of them!) leads to a bright exchange of ideas within them and with the world. Both of them being similar in nature and approach will think things over and over before acting on them. Though this match is a good one, there are setbacks- one of them being their inability to provide each other with the desired support and stability.


How would the relationship be?

When two Gemini’s meet, there is A LOT of talking. This casual talk can lead one to believe that they are not serious about each other at all. But behind this small talk is a lot of seriousness and devotion. They analyze the other person completely before making any kind of commitment.

What would the main loopholes be?

The symbol for Gemini’s is the twins, and they are always in two minds due to the same, this can be one problem.

Another problem arises due to the fact that Geminis feel lonely at times. They feel deserted by their twin, and feel empty due to their absence. When both the partners in this alliance are Geminis, this can be a lot to deal with. And as the female is more expressive, she will be sad.

Though the male Gemini understands what she’s going through, he cannot find a way to comfort her.

What can be done ?

It’s easier for other signs to deal with each other. But when two pairs of twins come together, there are four types of people – together. It can be a lot to deal with. Hence, the Geminis should always remember that there will be always four of them – all different. Adjustment with the same would help them lead a peaceful life.

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