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Gemini Health Horoscope

Planet positions can give you problems related to digestion. Avoid eating unhygienic and junk food.

The native may suffer depression. Injuries and wounds can occur suddenly. Avoid situations arising stress and go for walks.

People in their middle and old age are required to take utmost care of their blood pressure levels. Natives are advised to take their regular check-ups and avoid problems related to diabetes and blood pressure. Start your day with a healthy and light breakfast.

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You will face chaotic situations but try handling them smoothly. Do not throw tantrums on your loved ones. Control  your anger and be cool.

Aggressive fights may arise at your workplace or on the road. Control your hands. Avoid injuries. You need to calm your mind and body too.

Your habit of eating fast will make your stomach upset and arise other problems with it. Eat slow and do not make a hurry.


It is the nervous system which gets affected very soon in you. Your lungs are also prone to infections. Intoxication should be avoided; feelings of romance love etc should not over rule your practical approach towards life. Fresh air is your life line so take it as much as possible. Eat less if you can.

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