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Taurus Women Horoscope

Here are specific observed traits of the women who are Taurus.

Taurus women are those whom qualities are rarely found and that every man looks for.

She is the tallest of all, not in height but in her approach towards life. She is aggressive and at times violent. She is blessed with a power of self control. She can hold back anything if she wants to.

She can be cruel and can show frequent emotional burst outs, as she signifies an immense emotional quotient. She can be extremely restless and wavering, when she comes in the heavy influences of the other zodiac sign people like Pisces or Gemini.

She is a genuine personality, who does not believe in the hypocrisy and has a command over the people of the opposite sex.  

Taurus woman is unexceptionally sensual and she knows well how to maintain a control over her. She practices a restraint over her, in most of the situations. She is like a mystery. She is always appreciated by men, for her gracious tendency of treating people as they are without being finicky.

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She has been always looked upon as a person, who has her principles straight and defined well. To arouse her, you can kiss her good night on her forehead or make a warm gesture.

Don’t even think to test her patience, not even in the worst of the night mares. People have tried to disturb her, but she knows when to react and when not. These women are not easily dominated by the goals which are specifically relevant with the mental goals. But she does expect in return, if not given a complete devotion in return to any of her act, she can sulk in a corner like a gloomy, grey, cloud of repressed sentiment.

She can be a great company, but what all she usually looks for is a great companion, who understands her and don’t think to mess with her or irritate her.  She love harmony. She will not accept noisy behavior. So take care of that if you want to be around her.

Taurus women love cleanliness. So if you are around her then try not to mess her room or anything because her immense love for beauty will not accept your untidy habits.

She loves herself as a wife and to be beside her man. She never feel any shame in walking beside her man and it is a very rare thing to note, a Taurus woman  trying to pass her husband or trying to stand over his shadow.  She is extremely helpful in her husband’s studies and though she will always be a great helping hand for her husband. One thing she does not like in her man is weaknesses in any form.

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