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Taurus Love Compatibility Horoscope

Taurus natives are compatible with – Virgo and Capricorn


Virgo, if ready to understand Taurus then they make ideal relation. Taurus being calm and peaceful make Virgo a perfect student to teach the beautiful and cool side of love and sex.

Understanding level will take their relation to great heights. Virgo takes more time to satisfy where as Taurus gives plenty of time to settle down.

They love to get intimate more. They see the natural and fun side of it. They will never betray you. they are generally  loyal and will love you even more if you stay loyal.

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They make a perfect couple together. They are very ideal when comes to sex. Taurus natives need security and love which is possible with Capricorn.

If Capricorn does  not fall in love completely or have trust issues then the relation may face problems. They will not be able to connect at an emotional level. On the other hand, Taurus needs extra love. His need of love will scare Capricorn more.

They think differently about sexual and love instincts. This builds the gap between them. Taurus will never take initiative and Capricorn on the other side needs initiative. Taurus people are extremely peaceful which brings their hate towards aggression. Capricorn gets aggressive due to Mars.

Lack of emotion from Capricorn can cause general lack of sexual desire in both partners. They cannot open up easily which helps them not to experiment much and show their best in love and sexual relations.

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Taurus Love Compatibility

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