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Haldi Mala

Rs. 799.00
Delivery: Within 3 - 4 Business Days
Free Shipping: All over India and USA

This energized Haldi Mala is made from the Raw turmeric beads. This mala or rosary is a boon for people who are facing cash crunch all the time. When one is making hard efforts and not getting anything proper in return then one must wear this to give justified fruits to the efforts he is making.

Benefits of this Haldi Mala:

 This is good is cure of Jaundice.
 This is a very good remedy of planet Jupiter. 
 It gives mental peace to the wearer.
 It is very good to appease Lord Ganesha, if one recites the mantras of the Lord Ganesha using this mala then he gets the fruits in no time.

How to Use

One should use this mala to recite the mantras of Maa Bagulamukhi or Lord Ganesha or planet Jupiter to get the benefits of the planets.

Why Buy from us

This Haldi mala is energized by Vedic Brahmins of Astrovidhi using the mantras of Lord Ganesha, Planet Jupiter and then it is sent to you. Only after the proper chanting, it gets energized and becomes effective for you.

Rs. 799.00