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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly Horoscope - (17-03-2019 to 23-03-2019)

This week you will feel happy regarding spouse and children. An auspicious ceremony may get organised in the family. Guests will frequently visit your home. You will receive respect-honour with help of the effect of your words and talent. Excellent results will be attained at work. Journeys will prove to be beneficial. This week you will get some good news. You will get victory in some debate. You will get respect-honour at work. You will think over new business plans. You will also be in touch with government related people. This week will be favourable for you. You will get inclined towards religious acts. You will get travel opportunities and may think of going on a pilgrimage. Family will support you and family atmosphere will be cheerful. A new zeal and enthusiasm will be seen in you, which will prove to be very useful in completing your tasks. This week you may get some good news from with-in or outside the country. Attraction towards new things will get increased. You will get all the help from God and your associates regarding religious matters. You should take care of your health. Your spouse will contribute significantly to make you succeed at every task. This week your faith towards religion may grow. Worshipping Goddess Durga will be auspicious for you. You will get help and support from friends and relatives. Favourable results will arise from financial matters. This week you are likely to meet some known person after a long time, and will have a nice time with highly posted people. You will get joyful travel opportunities. You will receive some good news.

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