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Lapis Heart Pendant

Rs. 1500.00
Delivery: Within 3 - 4 Business Days
Free Shipping: All over India and USA

What is Lapis Heart Pendant ?

Lapis stone is the stone of the sea. The stone is known for its shine and luster. Lapis Heart Pendant is a stone incarnated in the Pendant.

Benefits –

  • Lapis Heart Pendant gives calmness and soothing effect to body and mind.
  • It removes fear of failures and other insecurities.
  • It gives judgment powers.
  • It reduces anger and negativity.
  • It is beneficial for vocal chords and eyes.

How to use ?

Before wearing Lapis Heart Pendant, meditate while keeping the stone in your hand. Think of the qualities you want the stone to integrate and wear it.

Why purchase from us ?

It is energized by our esteemed panditiji. Fully energized and purified Lapis Heart Pendant without any crack will work best from rest. Buy Lapis Pendant online and you will definitely see a change.

Rs. 1500.00