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Taurus Sexual Orientation Horoscope

Taurus natives are generous, peaceful and loyal. They are strong and trustworthy too. Their patience make them more open to sexual relation with the partner.

Taurus natives are practical, reliable, independent and sensual. They can go stubborn, possessive and materialistic too. They generally act as heroes when it comes to sex. They can teach a totally different side of it to the partner.

Taurus as a lover are complicated. They will need the touch and need to get intimate at a very early stage. They will try to attract and impress you by giving their affection and gifts. They love to be around those people only who belongs to his social group.

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Taurus people don’t like artificial people. So if you want to date him, go straight and express. Giving him hints will not work. They take time to set trust on others so wait and relax.

Taurus love to cook and will be open to home food always. Try for this one. Make him feel comfortable.

In order to date Taurus woman, you need to appeal her romantic side. She may surrender very quickly but will surely take time to get comfortable. She will be extremely loyal and honest if falls in love once.

They longs for security. She will stand beside you if you are faithful to her. She loves neat and clean things. Always take her to a clean restaurant on the first date.

She will enjoy your luxurious flaunts. Taurus women appreciates beauty and expensive things.

While dating Taurus man will be easier in comparison. They never feel ashamed to flaunt their sexual side. They give full liberty to their partners. They will give you immense satisfaction with the patience of you getting comfortable.

Partners need to calm and do not ask many questions. Do not go in detailing. Taurus will get irritated and will lose interest in you.

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