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Taurus Cancer Love Compatibility

In this Article, We are talking about Taurus and Gemini Love Compatibility Zodiac Sign Taurus and Cancer both represent Bull and Crab, share common interests (just the order may be different!) and so they have the potential to be soul mates. Crabs are homemakers who love to cook for their Taurus partner. And both of them enjoy it eating together. The Crab’s ruling planet is the Moon, this lunar connection is responsible for the fluctuations in their mood, they love to gain sympathy, which the practical minded Taurean offers them – and hence they are ideal for each other.


What kind of a relationship will it be?

The Cancerian man loves to be pampered and looked after, and the Taurean woman loves indulging her man – in this manner they both complement each other. But though they are fit to be soul mates, theirs is not love at first sight. Neither the Bull nor the Crab falls quickly in love. The Taurean woman has to be wooed by her lover, and the Crab too does not rush into things, but as he is tenacious, he manages to woo his lady love in the end. If you are reading Taurus and Cancer Love Compatibility you should need to know the main challanges which is involved. 

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The main challenges involved

The Cancerian man has a mother complex, he is either too attached to his mother or indifferent (to the extent of being cold) towards her. Neither of these two attitudes is healthy. And though patience is the Taurean woman’s characteristic feature, she may put her foot down once and for all if things get out of hand. 

In case of a disagreement between the two, the stubborn Bull refuses to say sorry even though she may be feeling sorry, and the Crab goes into his shell due to heartbreak – both refusing to budge from their respective stands.

What can be done?

The obstinate Bull and the wounded Crab should talk about their differences and try to resolve them rather than letting it convert into a deep rooted coldness. Now, we will know about Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility. 


What kind of a relationship will it be?

The watery, gentle Crab penetrates the hard exterior of the bull and reaches his heart – a place no one has ever reached. Feelings are not a Bull’s cup of tea, but the Crab woman teaches him all about it. Permanence in romance is another thing both of them crave. The Bull falls in love slowly but once he has fallen, he is in it for long term; the same is the case with the Crab. This eternal fidelity of the Bull attracts the Crab.

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The main challenges which occured When Taurus and Cancer Sign is in pair

The Bull is well aware of himself, but the Crab is not. She is ruled by the Moon and just as the moon reflect light, she reflects her various moods. She is not as aware of herself as she is of others and hence she engages in activities that would seem nonsensical to the Bull. He craves her attention but she is busy attending others and this infuriates the possessive Taurean male.

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What can be done

As it is the Crab woman who is more aware of others, she should make the first move in case of a disagreement. But her ways should be direct and uncomplicated – not vague (which is in her nature), as this confuses the Bull even more!

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Taurus Love Compatibility

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