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Get your Free Janm Kundali (Birth Horoscope) and comprehensive Life Report based upon your Birth Details. It will help knowing all about your horoscope and the future ahead.

All the major Dasha like Mangal Dasha, whether they are present in your horoscope or not, will be mentioned in the report. It’s based on planetary analysis as per the date of birth!

This comprehensive Janm Kundali report based on the Birth Chart features everything which affects your life, causes major issues and how one can find a way to lifelong happiness and stable life.

The report will also include remedial measures and how to mitigate the ill effects of those Dosha.

Like Mangal Dosh, Kaal Sarp Dosh, Shani Sade Sati and much more. Using our Free Janm Kundali tool, you’ll know all this at no cost at all. Go ahead and fill this attached form to download your free Horoscope report.

Not all are blessed with Panch Koti yoga and Panch Mahapurush yogas. With our report, you can know whether you’re lucky one or not and in case if you are, then how exactly you can make the most of it. In case if you are not lucky, then the report will guide on how to make things much better.

The precise Horoscope Report generated by our Janam Kundli tool can be used to help with your future endeavours. It will be a milestone helping you become a successful person!

You can also opt for the Paid Janam Kundli version, costing just ₹501/-

The paid Janm Kundali report also comes with a free consultation from our expert Astrologer. The consultation with our expert Astrologer is worth ₹2100/- which you get for free in the bundle.

Do note, the consultations will be regarding the points mentioned in the report only and not for any other queries.