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Effects of twelfth (vyaya bhava) lord in 12 houses

FIRST HOUSE: The native will be attractive and gentle, but physically weak. He will travel a lot if the sign is dual. In case the 6th lord is in ascendant with the 12th lord then the native is blessed with longevity, if the 8th house is afflicted then he dies early. If there is an exchange of signs between the 12th and ascendant lord, the native will be disliked by everyone.

SECOND HOUSE: The native will suffer financial loss and remain in debt. This effect can be reduced if the 12th lord is benefic. He will also have poor vision.

THIRD HOUSE: He will be calm but afraid. If the planet is afflicted then he will suffer from infections in the ear. He will spend money on his siblings and fail as a writer. He won’t earn much. If the 2nd lord is placed with the 12th lord and the 9th lord or Jupiter is in aspect then he will have two wives.

FOURTH HOUSE: The native’s mother will not live long and he will be stressed unnecessarily. He may not have good relations with his relatives and will live abroad. If Venus is strong he will have his own vehicle but it will cause trouble to him.

FIFTH HOUSE: He will have difficulty in having children. He will be pious and go for many pilgrimages. He will lack self esteem and be a failed agriculturalist.

SIXTH HOUSE: The native will be blessed with a long life, wealth and riches. This is a good vipreet raja yog. He will lose some money due to legal matters but win over his enemies. If the lord is afflicted he will dislike his own mother. His children won’t be a source of happiness to him.

SEVENTH HOUSE: The native may become an ascetic (Sanyasi) later on. His wife will come from a poor family. He will also face many challenges in the matters of education.

EIGHTH HOUSE: The native will be prosperous. This is another vipreet raja yog. He will inherit money, and gain more through magic tricks, occult or black magic. He will be honest and popular.

NINTH HOUSE: The native may lose his father early in life. He will own property and settle abroad. He may dislike his wife, friends, and his guru as well.

TENTH HOUSE: The native will be bereft of happiness from his children. He will be hard working and work in nursing homes, hospitals or jails.

ELEVENTH HOUSE: The native may deal in gemstones for a living. His brother may be handicapped and he will have to spend money on him which may lead to frustration. He will have many enemies.

TWELFTH HOUSE: The native will be religious and spend for social causes. If the planet is afflicted he will be disturbed and restless. Protection Status