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Effects of ninth (bhagya bhava) lord in 12 houses

FIRST HOUSE: The native earns a lot of wealth in his life- all due to his own efforts as he is a self-made man. If the 9th house lord is positioned with the ascendant in the ascendant then the favourable influence increases.

SECOND HOUSE: The father of the native is powerful and wealthy, and hence the native inherits a lot of money and property from him. But all this can be ruined if the 9th lord is afflicted.

THIRD HOUSE: If the 9th lord is in the 3rd house – the native earns his living through writing or public speaking, but if the 9th lord is afflicted, the same can be the cause of defamation and loss of reputation. He also gains from his siblings and his father is a common man.

FOURTH HOUSE: The native will gain wealth from his mother as she will be an influential person. He will be in real estate and hence have a lot of property. The native's childhood will be affected badly due to conflicts among his parents if the lord is afflicted. His mother may even separate from his father if Rahu afflicts the lord.

FIFTH HOUSE: The native and his father will be powerful and rich, but this may be nullified if the lord is afflicted.

SIXTH HOUSE: The native's father may suffer from an incurable disease but if the lord is beneficially placed he gains monetary benefits from legal claims.

SEVENTH HOUSE: The native is blessed with a good wife and he along with his father resides in foreign countries. The death of his father takes place in a foreign land if the lord is afflicted. If there is yog to become a “sanyasi” he will find a “guru” and lead a spiritual life in foreign countries.

EIGHTH HOUSE: The native's father dies early. If the lord is beneficial, the native gains inheritance but if the lord is afflicted the native may become poor, convert to some other religion and cause trouble for religious institutions.

NINTH HOUSE:  The father of the native is wealthy and influential but may die early if the lord is afflicted or posited in 6th, 8th or 12th from navansha lagna. The native is pious and benevolent, travels abroad, and earns name and fame for himself.

TENTH HOUSE: The native is very powerful and influential as this is a good yog. He is rich and obeys the law.

ELEVENTH HOUSE: The native has an influential and wealthy father. He himself earns a lot and has wealthy friends, but if the lord is afflicted, he gets cheated by them.

TWELFTH HOUSE: The native will remain poor and success will always be a distant dream for him. He will be pious, and his father may have an early death. Protection Status