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Effect of Ascendant lord in 12 houses

FIRST HOUSE: The native may have one wife and a mistress. He will have a free spirit and put in efforts for his survival. He may become famous if the lord is in the right position. Now we will read about the Effect of 2nd House lord in 12 Houses. 

SECOND HOUSE: The individual will be distressed due to his enemies but have a charitable nature full of good intentions. He will gain profits and serve his family dutifully.

THIRD HOUSE: He may become either a mathematician or singer. He will have an alert mind and two wives. Courage would be his characteristic feature.

FOURTH HOUSE: The native will acquire property from his maternal family. He will be loved by his parents and have many brothers. He will have many vehicles and hence enjoy material pleasures. He will be healthy.

FIFTH HOUSE: He will be a successful businessman and serve others as well. He will not experience the joy of being a parent as his first child will not survive. If the lord is in the right position, he will gain favour from the government. If the fifth lord is well disposed he will gain “Siddhi”.

SIXTH HOUSE: If the 6th house lord is well disposed the native has chances of becoming the commander of chief of the Army or an institute of medical sciences. He may have debts, but they will be cleared in the “mahadasha” of the ascendant lord – if it takes place during his life.

SEVENTH HOUSE: If the Lagna lord is favourable in the seventh house he will travel abroad and spend a lot of time in foreign countries. He will lead an independent life and have multiple marriages. Otherwise, he will be puppet in his in-laws hands.

EIGHTH HOUSE: The native will be very well read and learned. He may become involved in black magic or occult sciences. If the 8th lord is well disposed he will die a sudden yet peaceful death.

NINTH HOUSE: The individual will be loved by his family. He will be an excellent orator, pious and lucky. If the ninth lord is well disposed he will inherit property.

TENTH HOUSE: He will be successful and earn fame. He will earn respect and become a good businessman if he chooses it as his career.

ELEVENTH HOUSE: He will earn success and fame in whatever he chooses to do.

TWELFTH HOUSE: He will serve others and do social work. His life will be devoted towards the betterment of others. He will suffer financial loss and go for pilgrimages. Protection Status