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Effects of fifth house lord in the 12 houses

FIRST HOUSE: He will have many attendants at his disposal, and may be a judge or a minister. If the lord is afflicted then the person will have fewer issues but a wicked bent of mind. He will be a cheat and may even lead other evil doers.

SECOND HOUSE: If the lord is favourable then the native is blessed with a good wife and well mannered children. He receives monetary benefits from the government as well and has chances of becoming a learned astrologer. But if the lord is afflicted, just the opposite may happen.

THIRD HOUSE: The native will have a number of brothers and children, but the situation may not be the same if the 3rd or 5th lord is afflicted.

FOURTH HOUSE: The individual will not have many problems. His mother will have a long life and he may be a teacher or an advisor to a minister or some other significant person. If the fourth house lord is strong he may be blessed with daughters but if it is afflicted his children will die early.

FIFTH HOUSE: If the planet is afflicted, then the native may have a short life span. He will be dishonest, indecisive and unkind. But if it is favourable the individual will be blessed with many sons. He may be the head of religious institutions and be an expert in mantra shastra or mathematics.

SIXTH HOUSE: If the planet is favourable, then the native’s uncle would be influential but he may not be on good terms with his son. If it is unfavourable he will adopt someone from his uncle’s family.

SEVENTH HOUSE: The native is rich, influential and learned. He will have a dynamic personality and his son may live abroad. But if the 7th house lord is afflicted the native will remain issueless.

EIGHTH HOUSE: The native will not be poor but he will lose his property due to debt. His family life will also be ruined. He will suffer from lung diseases and be sorrowful and dejected overall.

NINTH HOUSE: He may build temples, free shelters, wells etc and be a teacher by profession. His son may be a speaker or writer. But if the lord is unfavourable then the native will suffer a lot.

TENTH HOUSE: A powerful Raja Yog is created if the lord is beneficial and the native is blessed with land, property and has alliances with powerful people. One of his sons is a jeweler. If the house is in aspect of the Sun, then the native may join the CID.

ELEVENTH HOUSE: He will be rich, learned and helpful. He may become a writer and gain from his sons.

TWELFTH HOUSE: He will lead a devout and pious life- that of a saint. He will be in search of truth throughout his life and attain moksha at the end. Protection Status