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Effects of parakram bhava (3rd houselord) in 12 houses

FIRST HOUSE: The native is lean physique wise, and earns money through his own efforts. He is vindictive but brave and courageous. He falls ill frequently. If the lord is strong then the native may be a singer, actor or artist.

SECOND HOUSE: This conjunction is not beneficial. The native doesn’t have a good character and may engage with prostitutes. He has bad morals, and is unhappy.

THIRD HOUSE: The native is blessed with a good family. He is always in the company of his friends and is satisfied overall. If this lord is in 3rd, 6th or 11th house then the native will have a number of brothers. The native doesn’t have a younger brother if the lord is in Mars.

FOURTH HOUSE: The native will not have a good wife but an unkind and cruel one. He will be rich and lead a joyful life despite a troublesome wife. The native will have a step brother if the 9th lord is strong. If Mars is weak, the native stands to lose his land, the effects can be nullified if the 3rd lord is favourable.

FIFTH HOUSE: The native will be wealthy but unhappy due to a disturbed married life. If the lord is strong then he will gain benefits from his brothers. He will be a government servant and may be adopted by a rich family.

SIXTH HOUSE: The native will gather wealth through bribes and corruption. His relatives will dislike him. If the lord is well disposed in the 6th house, the native’s younger brother will join the armed forces or become a doctor. If the 3rd lord is with the 6th houselord then the native will be a pilot or sportsman. The native will keep bad health if the lord is afflicted and become a fraud.

SEVENTH HOUSE: The native will have a disturbed childhood and may meet with accidents. If the 3rd lord is strong in the 7th house then the native lives peacefully with his brothers, but one of his brothers will live abroad if the 7th house is in ascendant.

EIGHTH HOUSE: The native will not have a successful marriage, and be wrongly accused for violence. His younger brother may expire at an early stage in life, and he too may contract fatal diseases.

NINTH HOUSE: If the planet is afflicted then the native will be in conflict with his father. His brother will get the property, and he will benefit from his brother. His luck will change after marriage and he may travel abroad.

TENTH HOUSE: The native will have an irritable wife. He will be clever and wealthy

ELEVENTH HOUSE: He will serve others but be vindictive. He will not be that good looking but earn wealth by working hard.

TWELFTH HOUSE: The native will be an introvert and prefer to be a loner. His own mistakes will make him lose his wealth and he will become poor. His brother will be obstinate and his father will have a lose character. Protection Status