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Effects of 6th (rin bhava) lord in 12 houses

FIRST HOUSE: If the sixth lord is well placed there are chances of the native being the commander of the Army, or a soldier. He can even be the minister of defense or a jailor. If the sixth lord is weak, he may become the leader of criminals.

SECOND HOUSE: The native will lose his wealth due to his foes. If the karaka planets of the 6th house are aspecting this planet then the native will be troubled as far as family life is concerned. He will also stammer and have weak vision and teeth. If the 6th lord is weak or afflicted then the native will lose his wife in the dasha-bhukti of Maraka planet.

THIRD HOUSE: The person is hostile towards his brothers, his maternal uncle may instigate the younger one against the older or his brother may be unhealthy. If the 6th lord is afflicted, the person may not have a younger brother.

FOURTH HOUSE: The native will live away from his mother and there will problems in his education. If the lord is weak he will have frequent conflicts with his mother, do menial jobs to survive and his paternal property will be lost due to debt.

FIFTH HOUSE: The native will be adopted by his maternal uncle and his children will not have good health.

SIXTH HOUSE: The native's maternal uncle will earn a lot of fame and he will have a lot of cousins. If the lord is conjunct with a weak ascendant lord then the native will be hostile towards his relatives and suffer from an incurable disease.

SEVENTH HOUSE: The native may have an affair with his maternal/paternal uncle's daughter or marry her. If the 6th lord is afflicted then he will divorce his wife or she may die early. If it is in hermaphrodite rashi and navansha then his wife will be barren. If the ascendant lord joins this sixth lord in seventh house which is a hermaphrodite sign then the native becomes a eunuch.

EIGHTH HOUSE: The native may suffer from horrible diseases and he will not be satisfied with one woman, due to this his married life will be ruined. He will also be in debt.

NINTH HOUSE: If the lord is strong then native may become a judge. He will have conflicts with his father and gain benefit from his paternal cousins. If the lord is afflicted then he will suffer financially due to his family members and remain poor. He will lack morals and insult his teachers.

TENTH HOUSE: The person will be selfish and vicious by nature. If the tenth lord is weak the native will lead a life of poverty and be thrown out of his job.

ELEVENTH HOUSE: The native's brother may become a judge. If the lord is weak the native will be poor and may be sent to jail.

TWELFTH HOUSE: The native will be of harsh nature and never do well for others. If it is weak then the native will be poor and lead an unhappy life. Protection Status