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Effect of maatr bhava (4th house lord) in 12 houses

FIRST HOUSE: The native is affected by the influence of the planet. If it’s strong then the native is wealthy, if it’s medium – the native is average and if it’s weak the native is poor. The native is scared of speaking publicly but he is very intelligent.

SECOND HOUSE: He will acquire riches from his maternal family. He will be bold, happy and lucky but also waste a lot of his money.

THIRD HOUSE: He will be disturbed due to his brothers and step mother. He will be compassionate and principled. His health would be a matter of concern always but he will earn his own fortune.

FOURTH HOUSE: Wealth and respect would be ample for this native. He will be devout and traditional as well.

FIFTH HOUSE: The native would be a follower of Lord Vishnu and get love from people who are not blood related. His mother will belong to a reputed family.

SIXTH HOUSE: The individual would be a fraud and cheat. He would be fake overall and have many vices.

SEVENTH HOUSE: The place of residence of the native depends on the sign in the 7th house. If it is a movable sign then the native pursues his career away from his native place, if it is a fixed sign- the native stays at his birth place. He will own a lot of land and property and live a happy life.

EIGHTH HOUSE: He may be impotent or become one later on in life. His father will not live long. He would be depressed overall, loose his assets, be tied up in legal matters and go to the court often.

NINTH HOUSE: The native and his father would have property, assets, respect and status. This combination would also result in good health along with other benefits.

TENTH HOUSE: If the 4th lord is afflicted, all the fame earned by the native would be lost. He will gain political success and can be a skilled chemist, capable of fighting his enemies.

ELEVENTH HOUSE: He would be blessed with a good mother though there is likelihood of a step mother as well. He will be kind hearted but unhealthy and earn a name for himself.

TWELFTH HOUSE: He will be poor financially and lead an unhappy life. His mother will not live long. Protection Status