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Effect of eleventh house lord in 12 houses

FIRST HOUSE: The native will earn a lot of money in the dasha of the 11th lord. He will be born in a rich family.

SECOND HOUSE: If the planet is favourably placed than the native will have good relations with his brothers and live with them, if it’s afflicted they will live separately. He will gain a lot from friends and earn through commerce and banking.

THIRD HOUSE: He will benefit from his brother’s sources; his neighbours will be helpful as well. He may be a singer or musician.

FOURTH HOUSE: The individual will be blessed with an attractive wife and well-educated mother. He himself will be learned and gain money through land and property.

FIFTH HOUSE: The native will have many children who will grow up to be prosperous, but he himself will gain by gambling and betting. If the lord is afflicted then he will indulge in immoral activities.

SIXTH HOUSE: He will benefit from hospitals, court cases and his maternal uncle. If it is afflicted then he will incite and manipulate others for his gain.

SEVENTH HOUSE: The native may marry multiple times, but if the influence of the lord is strong he will marry once and his wife will be rich. If the lord is afflicted he will indulge in flesh trade and prostitution. He may earn profits from abroad.

EIGHTH HOUSE: The native may be forced to beg if the planet is afflicted, otherwise too he will suffer from childhood and incur financial losses.

NINTH HOUSE: He will be pious and work for as well as form many religious institutions. He will own many vehicles, lands and inherit a lot from his family.

TENTH HOUSE: He will win prizes academically and benefit from his elder brother. He will be a successful businessman but his earnings will depend on the how strong the planet is.

ELEVENTH HOUSE: This individual is happy and satisfied as he belongs to the most desirable yog.

TWELFTH HOUSE: He will lose one of his brothers, spend his earnings in the treatment of the other, and bear the responsibility of the whole family. If the 11th lord is unfavourably positioned or the moon is in the 3rd, 5th, 7th – then he will live in poverty. The native has chances of having an influential brother if the beneficial planets are positioned before and after the 12th house. Protection Status