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Effects of 7th (kalatr bhava) lord in 12 houses

FIRST HOUSE: The native will possess good logical skills and a sharp mind. His life partner would be someone whom he has known for a long time. If the lord is afflicted the native may be lustful and become a wanderer.

SECOND HOUSE: The native will benefit a lot from his in laws in the form of dowry. Of the lord is afflicted the native may indulge in flesh trade, and not spare even his wife. If the second house is a mutable sign there are chances of dual marriage. If the inflicting dasha is in action, the native dies in the period of the seventh lord. The native will have a restless mind and he may have to consume the food offered on the thirteenth day after death of a person.

THIRD HOUSE: The native may indulge in incest if the lord is inflicted. Otherwise his siblings are fortunate and live abroad. He may suffer due to the women in his life.

FOURTH HOUSE: The native leads a happy family life and his children get good education. His partner’s character may be doubtful if the lord is afflicted and his marriage will be destroyed. The native also suffers because of his vehicles.

FIFTH HOUSE: The native will be married at a young age to a person from a good family. If the lord is afflicted, the native stays issueless.

SIXTH HOUSE: The native will marry twice, one of which may be to his cousin. The native may be impotent if the lord is afflicted along with Venus. His wife will be jealous, cruel and have health issues. If Venus is well placed but the lord is not- the native will suffer from piles.

SEVENTH HOUSE: The person will be good looking if the lord is well positioned. He will attract many suitors. His life partner will be from a good and reputed family. If the lord is afflicted then he won’t have any friends and may not even get married.

EIGHTH HOUSE:  The native is blessed with a well to do spouse. If the lord is favourably disposed he will get married to one of his relatives. If afflicted, he dies away from his native land and his wife is also not good.

NINTH HOUSE: The native resides and earns abroad if the lord is well placed. His wife is good natured and well mannered. If the lord is afflicted, the native loses faith in his own religion due to his partner and dies young. He may also lose all his wealth.

TENTH HOUSE: The native travels a lot, and gains success abroad. He is blessed with a loving and dutiful partner who will help the native grow in every aspect of life. If the lord is afflicted, his wife will be greedy and selfish.

ELEVENTH HOUSE: The native will have more than one romantic relationship or marriage. If the lord is favorably placed, the native’s partner is from a wealthy family.

TWELFTH HOUSE: The native may marry twice- secretly the second time, even though his first wife will be alive. If afflicted, the native marries again after separating/ losing his first wife. If severely afflicted, the couple may die or separate soon after marriage. If karak and 7th lord both are not strong, the native may never marry, and remain poor. Protection Status