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Effects of Dhan Bhava (2nd houselord) Lord in 12 Houses

FIRST HOUSE: The person will be hostile by nature, and earn a name for himself. If  sun  or 9th lord  supports him, he will acquire family legacy.

SECOND HOUSE: The person may get more than once but he will live away from his children. He may even have a lot of ego.

THIRD HOUSE: Music, dance and art may benefit the natives. They will be bright and courageous. They may have high ambitions along with all necessities required to attain it and may seek advantages from their sister.

FOURTH HOUSE: He will be a successful farmer and benefit from his maternal family. He will be stingy, and spend his earnings only on himself. He may earn from commissions.

FIFTH HOUSE: The individual would not be good in his deeds but still manage to acquire wealth due to his influence in the government. He will have no love for his family and indulge in a lot of sexual activities.

SIXTH HOUSE: The person will not trust others easily and always be apprehensive. He will deal financially with his foes also and earn through fraudulent means. He may even go to jail and suffer from diseases affecting the lower part of the body.

SEVENTH HOUSE: The native will lack morals. He will indulge in sexual pleasures. If the lord of the 2nd house is present in this house along with the lord of the 7th house, foreign trips will be on the cards. In case the lord of the 2nd house is a female sign he will be famous among women.

EIGHTH HOUSE: A life of conflicts is destined for the couple. They will destroy all that they inherit.

NINTH HOUSE: The person will have bad character in the early years of his life which will improve as life progresses. If the lord of the 9th house is in ascendant – he will acquire a lot of wealth.

TENTH HOUSE: He will try his luck in various types of business but fail if the planet is affected badly. The star lord, sign and navansha will decide this.

ELEVENTH HOUSE: He will have a childhood where he will be mostly unhealthy and become characterless eventually. His earnings will come from lending money.

TWELFTH HOUSE: He may be a government employee and earn a lot. But he will not receive the love of an elder brother.