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Effects of 10th ( karma bhava) lord in 12 houses

FIRST HOUSE: The native will start his own business, and become very famous and rich due to the same if the ascendant lord joins the 10th lord in this house. He will be charitable and believe in social work.

SECOND HOUSE: The native will earn success by carrying forward and expanding his family business of hotels or restaurants. If the lord is afflicted then his own decisions will ruin the business.

THIRD HOUSE: If the 10th lord is well disposed the native will be a successful professor or writer and benefit from his relatives. If it is malefic or placed in the 8th, 6th or 12th from navansha lagna then there is slow progress. If the 3rd lord is also afflicted then there will be a lot of competition among siblings.

FOURTH HOUSE: He will be known for his wisdom and compassion. He will deal in agriculture or property. If the 4th, 9th and 10th lords are connected then the native may even become the President of the nation or a diplomat or minister.

FIFTH HOUSE: The native may work as a commission agent. He may earn through gambling as well. If the 10th lord is in 6th, 8th, or 12th from navansha lagna, he may head an orphanage.

SIXTH HOUSE: He in the field of jail or judiciary. If Saturn is in aspect then the native will earn. If connected with Rahu then the native may go to jail due to illegal acts committed by him.

SEVENTH HOUSE: He will be blessed with a virtuous wife, and travel abroad due to business purposes. If the lord is afflicted the native will be lustful.

EIGHTH HOUSE: There will be many changes in the life of the native. If the lord is strong, he will be at a high position for a short duration of time. If the lord is afflicted, then he may become a criminal. If he is under the influence of Jupiter, he will head a religious organization, but if Saturn is in aspect he will own a graveyard.

NINTH HOUSE: He will be pious and devoted. Paternal business would be handled by him and he will receive traditional education from his family.

TENTH HOUSE: If the planet is strong, the native gains success in all projects he takes up. If weak, the native works under other people. If there are three planets connected then the native may renounce the world.

ELEVENTH HOUSE: The native is wealthy and well known if the lord is well disposed. He has influential contacts, but if the lord is afflicted, his friends cheat him.

TWELFTH HOUSE: He will work abroad, and face many difficulties. He may become a saint if the planet is well disposed, but he remains deprived in case it is afflicted. Protection Status