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Leo Monthly Horoscope - Monthly Horoscope for Leo, Leo Monthly Astrology

Leo Monthly Horoscope - Mar 2017

Family: There will be mild happiness from family life; there will be misunderstandings and harsh arguments many times. There may be some dispute with your relatives also. You will be doing the right things but in return there will be no appreciation. You like to be appreciated so this will increase the problems further. Keep your ego out of family matters and you will see a better life.

Finance: Finance position will be not good either. Losses seem imminent so utmost care is needed. You should drop the idea of any major investment or starting a new project otherwise you may see a pile of losses coming on you.  Things will be delayed; your dream things will not happen, contrarily your opponents will get the best share.

Romance: This month is good for romantic pursuits. You will be able to enjoy this part of your life to a great extent. You will find new love; some will have better understandings with their ongoing counterparts. There will be minor glitches but that won`t affect anything. You can go as planned.

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