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Leo Men Horoscope

Dealing with a Leo ascendant is like studying the beast. He is one of the most aggressive and dominating, yet most gentle of the all 12 signs. As the lion, rules all other animals, Leo ascendant rules all the other people of other zodiac signs.

It is undoubtedly not a new thing for a Leo ascendant, to be unexceptionally arrogant on a person in public and yet have one of the most charming playful aspects, then the rest of the people.

If you wish to study the beast, hit all the charming and lively places in the town.  He is the one, who will usually be observed to be dominating others and being the fore runner.

If ever you get to come across a personality, who would have just given you a quick gentle smile and would have said a gentleman no to any of unwanted favor.

He would usually be found as a king, with his personality and the command that he holds. He can easily get away from a murder, as he has this exceptional quality of being aggressive and playful at the same time.

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He have been found to be,  an extrovert , when it comes to socializing and you should always remember that they are not any introverted Leo people, they only pretend to be the one.

They walk smoothly with the pride and the sheer slow walk like that of a lion. Most certainly you can any time meet a person who would be having the hair like that of a lion, and would portray that lion like aura.

Leo’s have strange effect on people, that is downright too funny to watch, there signified aura is something that they are master of.

They have to be well, understood and not to be mistaken, with their outer rage and aggression. They can even turn into a soft kitten, when they have been cared and adored well.

There lovable nature is so many times have been, hidden under his anger and dominating traits.

Leo as a husband: So, if you have married to the lion king, be prepared with loads of wisdom and patience. As his basic nature comes, he will be loaded up with immense grace and poise. But will never be ready to take any kind of nonsense or any unreasonable wit. You have to treat him like a king, feed him like a lion and should avoid, any kind of a situation, which can result him turning red in aggression. The exasperating thing is that they're quite good at rationalizing things and smoothing out the wrinkles in your life.

You will notice a commanding air and a stately bearing, as Leo looks upon all the others a mere immortals.

The immense love of teaching of the Leo ascendants, usually make them more suitable for the career prospects, which are like teachers, counselors, politicians and the professors.

Leo ascendant usually gives compliments generously and sometimes gives embarrassing compliments.

Famous Ascendant:

Gracie Allen Julia Child Princess Margaret Rose Mae West Whitney young Eddie Fisher Princess Margaret

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