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Leo Women Horoscope

So here comes the lioness, a typical Leo woman has this spectacular sense for the emotions, and yes indeed gets too sentimental at times, you better think twice next time, when you actually be careful, before you even think to mess with her.

Who is she? How does she differentiate from the crowd? How can you win over her heart? What is the key to a smooth relationship with her? Here is a detailed analysis of that ruling & powerful Leo woman for you:

The leader of her group, a Leo woman is usually found to be the one, who has this magnificent ability to be a leader and the protagonist, in many spheres of her life.

The sunny side of this female for you, she is not a wall flower, and she is that particular wild flower who is just immensely popular.

More as the bird eye view of a Leo woman, she is pretty much a luxurious possession, in comparison to that of an easily available person, who can just be bargained easily.

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Even if would have passed you a smile, you should feel yourself lucky enough that she gave you that smile.

A lioness is a lot of a woman.

She may have the set of those beautiful eyes, which basks upon you through that soft gentle feel of the glowing skin.

She may sound too arrogant, but she is a placid & calm person like a peaceful lake. You would be surprised to discover, her enchanting serene beauty that could have been over shadowed by her sheer dominance and grace which comes with a big banner.

Lady with poise always disapproves of vulgarity and slang. So if you really don’t want her turn ice-cold with that awful vulgarity and nonsense comments, be really careful when next time you face her.

She is definitely not a weaker sex, if you are not strong, she will not like you at all. She undoubtedly demands her man to be strong and bold.  It's just that she won't permit you to insult her with a condescending attitude. In her mind, she is definitely a stronger sex

You should know well, how to compliment her in the right situations to win over her heart.

You can frequently use the words, like my baby or sweetheart or the angel face, to melt her heart away.

If you happen to be dating a Leo girl, always remember, do know her interest and the choices in a better way. If she is a good basketball players or seem to be enjoying that baseball match a lot, it does not mean that you will take her to some another match, it can be a high probability that she would have wanted you to take her to a movie dear.

Famous Leo beauties & celebrities known to the world:

Jeniffer Lawrence

Amy Adams

Halle Berry

Jane Wyatt

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