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Leo Nature Horoscope

When the sign of the Leo rise in the eastern horizon at the time of birth, then your ascendant will be Leo. The ascendant is the 1st house in the birth chart ruled by Sun.

Let’s explore about the basic traits and the personality that defines an Leo person:

Just like lions, Leo natives are very strong and powerful. They get strong at every step of life. They are motivating and  energetic. They make good friends and remain loyal and helpful. They are soft and kind hearted.

They lead among the crowd. They love appreciation and recognition. Give them credit of their work and they will be go lavishing around.

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They surround themselves with people who are useful and intelligent. They like to rule. They like to give orders rather than receiving one.

They can dominate their partners or juniors under them. They can turn possessive in a relationship. One who is ready to accept their dominance will experience great excitement and fun with Leo.

They cannot accept criticism from anyone. They can bounce back to you with a bang. Generally, Leo natives forget things easily which help them to stay away from negativity.

They love to visit royal gatherings. They have a normal tendency to attract limelight. They are full of zest and positivity. They make others feel the same.

They are practical and reliable. They live in balance. They work systematically. They help thesr friends always. They are selfish at times but never too absorbed. They respect others and their opinions.

They can act arrogant and rude at times. But they will never say no for help. They are sensitive but can hide it very well.

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